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Visiting Swabia – Neckarsulm and surroundings

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This wonderful guest post is by Lynn, 24, better known as Lieschenradieschen. She visited the beautiful, green Neckarsulm and stayed at Vienna House Easy Neckarsulm. In the following article, Lynn describes her impressions of the hotel and the free-time opportunities in Neckarsulm in detail. She holds all copyrights for text and image – the link to the article on her blog can be found here (unfortunately only in German)., Lynn, Lynn


*This is where Lynn’s impressions begin*

For 2019, I have decided to explore Germany a bit more. So the invitation from Vienna House Easy Neckarsulm came just right. Spending a weekend between vineyards and old half-timbered houses sounded more than tempting. But what is there to do in beautiful Swabia? I’ll tell you in my post., Lynn, Lynn


What can you discover in Neckarsulm and surroundings?

Quite a lot, so much I can reveal already. For this reason, I set out early on Friday morning, because unfortunately a good 5 hours’ drive lies between Hanover and Neckarsulm. But with a lot of delicious food and good spirits, the time just seems to fly by – and so we arrived at Vienna House Easy Neckarsulm in the afternoon.


Accommodation in Neckarsulm

I am immediately impressed. Vienna House is a hotel chain, but the hotel is nevertheless familiar and lovingly furnished. At every turn, there are small details that fit the location of Neckarsulm, from regional food for breakfast to wall decorations in the rooms.


Not only are we warmly welcomed at the reception, our room also meets all our expectations. We are really looking forward to spending the next two nights here! The small details include, for example, a shelf with green plants from which you can “adopt” one for your own room. A fun idea that makes us feel at home right away.


Unfortunately, the weather isn’t playing along, as rain is announced for the whole weekend. But we take advantage of a gap in the clouds and borrow the free bicycles from Vienna House. A great service! The hotel isn’t located right in the centre of Neckarsulm, but with the bikes we get there in just a few minutes.


STAY | Vienna House Easy Neckarsulm, Lynn, Lynn


On a tour of discovery through Neckarsulm

Neckarsulm at first seems like a sleepy little village, but things aren’t what they seem. Not only the proximity to Heidelberg, but also its status as a home to several large businesses makes the place meaningful. But that’s not why we are there, so we let ourselves drift through the atmosphere of the narrow streets.


As our stomachs are growling, we soon end up at Restaurant Museumsstuben, one of the top places to eat in Neckarsulm – and the food truly tastes great.


A hike through meadows, woods and vineyards

The next morning, we get up relatively early. It’s not only that I like to have a long and extensive breakfast, no, we also have a few things planned. But first, we go down to the breakfast room with our picnic bags. You can rent these bike bags for a small fee at Vienna House Easy Neckarsulm and neatly fill the picnic containers with provisions.


There’s also a nice picnic blanket, though in view of the weather we have to leave it at the hotel. But first of all, we fill our stomachs. I’m on Cloud Nine and just can’t decide what to eat, given the big choice with sweet braided yeast bread, croissants and fruit muesli.


Besides the breakfast’s regional touch (just one word: sweet yeast bread, mmmmm …), the choices also reference the Viennese origins of Vienna House. The breakfast room is named Naschmarkt after the city’s famous market, and the baked goods and coffee come in real Viennese coffeehouse quality and style.


Full of energy, vim and vigour, we grab the bikes and ride to the Neckarsulm municipal utilities where the hike marked WT3 starts – and if you’re just a bit attentive, you can’t get lost on this small hilltop tour.


After a brisk climb past numerous vineyards, we’re standing on the local hill above Neckarsulm and have an excellent panoramic view of the city and the surrounding area. From here, it goes downhill again and we dive into the forest. Its dense foliage protects us from the light drizzle that is starting up.


Towards the end of the hike, we make ourselves comfortable one last time with our picnic, before it really starts to pour down rain. Unfortunately, even the forest can’t save us now and our rainwear soon is drenched as well. Now we know what they mean by “soaked to the bone” …


Back in our hotel, the first thing we do is blow-dry ourselves and warm up. Fortunately, we’re still in a good mood – there’s just nothing you can do about the weather., Lynn, Lynn


Wine hike with a winegrower

In the afternoon, we still want to go on a wine hike at the Berthold Winery. This time, however, we decide to take a taxi, even if the way there would be easy enough to manage by bike.


Having arrived at the vineyard, it’s raining again. But that doesn’t matter, because first the winegrower’s son leads us through the production site. After this extremely interesting introduction, the sun actually does come out and so, pulling a handcart packed with grape-containing drinks and a good mood, we make our way out to the vineyards.


I’ve been on a wine tasting before, in South Africa, but I had never stood right by the vine with the winemaker in person. A great experience that once again showed me how laborious winegrowing really is. That made me appreciate the drink that I hold in my hand even more.


But the break in the weather doesn’t last and suddenly there is a downpour beyond compare. So we take cover under the canopy of the numerous small houses that can be found everywhere in the vineyards and drink the remaining wine. Again, the mood is fantastic, and we are very lucky to have found such a fun group of people to share the time with.


Although we don’t know each other, we sit down together at a table after the short hike for a snack of Maultaschen … yummy!


A little tip: If you don’t have time to visit the Berthold Winery, there are regional wines to drink at the hotel bar of Vienna House Easy Neckarsulm. Conveniently, the Berthold Winery delivers the house wine for the hotel., Lynn, Lynn


A wonderful weekend comes to an end

I must say that I am more than positively surprised by Swabia and Neckarsulm. I’m taken not only by the beautiful landscape with its hills and vineyards, but also by the friendly people who have made the stay something special that I would like to repeat. But next time with sunshine and a longer stay., Lynn, Lynn


Important addresses for Neckarsulm and surroundings

Vienna House Easy Neckarsulm
Vienna House Easy Neckarsulm
Heiner Fleischmann Str 8.
74172 Neckarsulm

Website: Vienna House Easy Neckarsulm
Tel.: +49 7132 910 0


Museumsstuben Neckarsulm
Urbanstraße 13 (opposite the motorcycle museum)
74172 Neckarsulm

Website: Museumsstuben
Tel.: +49 7132 64 72


Brauhaus Neckarsulm
Felix-Wankel-Str. 9
74172 Neckarsulm

Website: Brauhaus Neckarsulm
Tel.: +49 7132 34 35 11


Weingut Berthold
Reutweg 4
74172 Neckarsulm

Website: Weingut Berthold Neckarsulm
Tel.: +49 7132 37 117


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