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Valentine’s for One – Part 2

Or things you can do in Berlin on Valentine’s Day if you’re single to give luck a helping hand


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Valentine’s Day without a date is not as bad as it sounds. If you don’t feel like celebrating by yourself or with your BFFs, there are plenty of ways to increase your chances of meeting someone. As the unofficial singles capital, Berlin offers almost perfect hunting conditions – no matter if you have more serious intentions and prefers to go about things more subtly, or if you’d rather live in the moment and go full speed ahead. Here are the Top 5.


Get warmed up and bask in the after-glow at the singles party

On the Thursday before Valentine’s Day, Frannz Club starts its Valentine’s Day countdown with the “Fish seeks Bicycle” party, for 22 years the long runner of all Berlin singles parties. The party gets going on two dance floors, including dancing lessons at 11 pm and speed datings every hour on the hour. If you’re still looking for your better half on the day after, Pirates gives you a chance to go looking on 16 February. The “Pot seeks Lid” event approaches things in a similarly club-like fashion as Frannz Club. Here the flirtatious types use coloured ribbons to indicate whether they’re looking for something serious or more relaxed. Lol!




Singles Berlin 2 - February 2018 - 5

Forget Tinder!

According to representative survey among 5,000 Berliners, museum are the perfect place to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. Among the top three is the Kennedy Museum, where on 14 February you can see the photography exhibit “Obama: An Intimate Portrait” about the most likable US president of all time. Tip 2: the Museum Hamburger Bahnhof. Contemporary art can be so sexy! Here you’ll find Andy Warhol’s famous pop-art portrait of Mao, masterworks by Joseph Beuys, Gerhard Richter and more. Number one is the Helmut Newton Foundation with classics of photography like the Big Nudes. Lots of naked skin and a very cool audience. Better flirting conditions are hard to come by!





Singles Berlin 2 - February 2018 - 4

Post-Valentine’s Day cuddles against the singles hangover

If you’ve got the Valentine’s Day blues on 14 February and just want to be held affectionately again, then you can look forward to 17 February. That’s when the next Cuddle Party takes place at Hasenheide Park. The idea is simple and brilliant, but nothing for people who have a problem with physical closeness: you come here to cuddle – fully clothed and only if the other person agrees. But then like crazy! That’s relatively harmless and better than a bad relationship or sex with a total stranger.



Singles Berlin 2 - February 2018 - 3

Calculated flirts during a game of ultimate thrills

Get some other singles together and book the most wicked thrills of all time for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. The Escape Game “Kidnapped” by Escape Berlin simulates a kidnapping and promises nothing less than your worst fears will come true. That’s a psychological challenge that will bring you to your limits – nothing for claustrophobics. Find out for yourself and escape into the gentle or strong arms of a co-player. Anything’s possible!



Singles Berlin 2 - February 2018 - 2

True love goes through the stomach

Guys, pssst: here are three golden tips for you! You’ll meet the best women at yoga, dancing lessons or cooking. For the latter, there’s the Jumping Dinner in Berlin, a dating format in which you book a slot in a cooking group either by yourself (and indicated whether you want a male or female partner assigned to you) or together to cook one of three courses per team of four. The party moves from one apartment to the next, eating their way through the three courses. That brings together twelve potential flirt partners. At the very least, you’ll have had a very entertaining evening.



Singles Berlin 2 - February 2018 -1


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