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Valentine’s for one – Part 1

Or things you can do in Berlin on Valentine’s Day if you’re single to have as much fun as possible


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Alone on Valentine’s Day? Sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be a reason to mourn. On the contrary. Just spend the day with the one person you love the most, know the best and who is the only one that can really make you happy: yourself! As Germany’s unofficial singles capital, Berlin has so many things to offer to make 14 February an “I love myself” holiday with a 100 percent guarantee of harmony. Now that’s something couples could only dream of.

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Send a shiver down your spine


This Valentine’s Day, the literature café Periplaneta explores the dark sides of love and life with a psychological thriller reading night. Authors Stephan Hähnel, Marien Loha and Ole Pankow promise “stories of interpersonal failings, intentional and unintentional misunderstandings” during their “black humour reading on the subject of applied relationship dramas”. Just the thing for anyone who is mourning a past love, has kept the inner longing for revenge alive or just enjoys a good murderous love story.



Singles Berlin 1 - February 2018 - 2

Dinner for one: Or do it like Kanye West

Reserve a table for one at the window of Grill Royale and enjoy your date with yourself. Nobody to bother you, start a fight, pick at your food or criticise your third glass of wine. The more elegant your outfit, the greater the chance that people will think you’re a celebrity whose name they can’t think of at the moment. Tip #2: Berlin’s best brasserie, Borchardt, reliably offers perfect entertainment. All you need to do is sit back, watch the others play at being famous and savour your waiter’s undivided attention.

Singles Berlin 1 - February 2018 - 1

Can you feel it? Or treat yourself to something good!

The perfect way to tune into a solo Valentine’s is wellbeing – in the SpaSphere at Vienna House Andel’s Berlin, for example. Highly recommended is the Four Senses Massage, a combination of massage techniques to beam you away for a whole 110 minutes. For more “drama”, try the Neukölln and Oderberger Straße public baths. The bath in Neukölln, inspired by an antique bathing temple, is very popular with sauna fans. The one on Oderberger Straße has a relatively short pool, but the place itself (built in 1898) is a dream.






Your threesome

 Tanja Wendhorn, who played the title role in the telenovela Bianca – Ways to Happiness, has received what feels like one million marriage proposals – more than any other German actress. Oliver Mommsen, the detective from the police procedural Tatort Bremen, sure put a tingle in our bellies in those sexy beer commercials. Girls, you know what we’re talking about! You can book a date with the two on Valentine’s Day at the Comedy on Kurfürstendamm Theatre where they are performing in Die Tanzstunde [The Dancing Lessons], an “amusing and touching comedy about two lonely souls”. Happy end included!




 Care for a bit of masochism?

There are two ways to deal with the frustration of being single – if you even are frustrated: with an overdose of romance or an excess of cynicism. You can find both in musical form. The Theater des Westens jerks at your tears and pulls at your heart strings with its production of Ghost. Things get a bit more furious in Cougar The Musical at Kabarett Charly M. when three mature women chase after young studs and painful experiences. Cougar is a “a wild ride from the bar to the nail salon to the dressing room and back”.




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I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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