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(Un)usual (Un)conferences #3 – Speed Geeking

Fast and concrete

A seemingly small topic, which suddenly, like a yeast cake, rises and abounds in details. There are suddenly numerous digressions to a simple issue, and the threads and details magically grow. These are the problems of many meetings or training sessions. How to make them short effectively without losing anything important? We hasten to offer you a solution. Literally, because it is going to be about SPEED GEEKING.


SPEED GEEKING – not only for geeks

This form is strongly associated with IT people, but it is getting more and more popular. This model is not as dull as ditchwater – it is pretty dynamic and it will work in any industry. Speed Geeking allows you to present any topic to small groups of recipients quickly, specifically and without unnecessary details – one presentation usually lasts from 5 to 15 minutes. It makes the presenter focus on absolutely key aspects of the issue raised.


Moreover, small groups of recipients have the opportunity to establish a more personal relationship with the presenter and to ask possible questions. In the case of presentations before a large audience, such interaction is impossible.

Speed Geeking - August 2017 - 3

Stations for presentations

In short, SPEED GEEKING means presenting several presentations simultaneously to different groups which, after listening to one speech, move over to another.


To organize an (un)conference in such a form we need a spacious room where we can set up several stations – points for speakers.
You had better not arrange more than ten stations so that the noise coming from speeches does not get too loud. For the same reason, there should be enough comfortable space between stations. Stations can be arranged in circles or, preferably, in one line so that the groups can move freely from one presentation to another.


If presentations involve slideshows or other multimedia, be sure to provide power connections and adequate equipment.


However, it is important not to use too much technology, because the presentation time is very limited. It can be 5, 10, 15 minutes at the most, so that the whole meeting lasts about two hours. As the name of this form of the meeting suggests, it is all about a quick, concise and meaty approach to the problem, which is, in fact, the biggest advantage of such a solution.

Speed Geeking - August 2017 - 2

On your mark, get set, go!

When the stations are already set up, mark them with numbers, then divide the participants into groups and assign numbers also to them. In this way we will determine the stations at which a given team starts. The ideal group should consist of a dozen or so people and the number of stations should not exceed ten which means that SPEED GEEKING is perfect for meetings for up to about 150 people.
One facilitator should oversee the course of the event, “armed” with a timer or a stopwatch, as well as a bell or a whistle. To their sound, and the symbolic “it’s time to start”, all presentations start at once. After the lapse of the designated time, also signalled by the sound, the speakers end their speeches and there is the time for asking questions. Then the groups move over the next stations where presentations start again. It is repeated until the groups return to the starting point.


Mutually benefiting

Both presenters and their listeners will surely benefit from the SPEED GEEKING event. Thanks to this solution, it is easier to obtain condensed information and get to the core of the problem, without lengthy debates and monotonous lectures. If you will be dealing with topics that do not require complex analyses, this method will prove to be great. It will be dynamic, interesting, interactive, and probably funny. It is worth a try.

Speed Geeking - August 2017 - 1

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