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Unique restaurants in Bucharest

Eating is a must. Everyone eats – some people more, others less. Some people eat for pleasure, some for the experience, some for necessity. Or just to discover new cultures, customs, traditions.


Some people say there is a direct connection between metabolism and pleasure. Your state of mind is essential when eating. You could be eating your favourite dish, but if you are nervous, stressed or feeling miserable, the pleasure is not there.


The company of friends can help. So, after carefully choosing your entourage, you can start voting on where to eat when visiting Bucharest. Let’s say:


Taverna Racilor – for seafood lovers


A true culinary experience. Besides the delicious seafood, this is the only restaurant in Romania where live crustaceans are served for the customers to pick. Taverna Racilor is a concept born from a single desire to make people aware of this type of seafood and to show them how it is cooked.

Bucharest Restaurants - November 2017 - 3

The restaurant has a unique visual concept: It looks like a cosy little house radiating a warm, chic, elegant atmosphere. Perhaps it may seem a bit pretentious, but for a keen eye it really is just lovely.

Bucharest Restaurants - November 2017 - 4

Bulevardul Liviu Rebreanu 6


Excalibur – unique medieval experience; the cutlery is optional


Are you looking for a place to eat where you can relax and enjoy yourself away from the false rules of etiquette? A special place, cut off from everyday reality, with savoury delicacies and a medieval scent that will make you want to feast with your hands because it is the only way you can really enjoy royal cuisine?

Bucharest Restaurants - November 2017 - 2

Excalibur Restaurant is the only place in Bucharest where succulent steaks, tasty pies and vintage wines are served as in the days of King Arthur: in generous portions by knights and ladies for whom honour and reputation go above all else.

Bucharest Restaurants - November 2017 - 1

The delicious food comes in portions for two, four or six people. The service is impeccable; cutlery is optional.


Strada Academiei 39-41



 Linea / Closer To The Moon


Where locals go for life after the work. – no reservations accepted


Strada Lipscani 17


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