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Two-wheel travel –
Europe’s most beautiful bike rides

There’s no better way to get to know a city than to explore it on foot – or by bicycle! In the saddle of a bike, it’s easy to see a lot in a relatively short amount of time and still soak up all the impressions.

Bicycle riding also has many positive aspects, from benefiting the environment to being good for your health. And cycling when you’re visiting a new place is twice as much fun.

Bike - September 2017 - 3

Photo credits to https://bikelist.org/?msID=b8e82090-8dc4-458a-80a0-3cfc51fc1eb5


Here are some of Europe’s most beautiful trails. So hop in the saddle and let’s go for a ride:


Neckarsulm – Germany

Germany has over 40,000 km of bike trails. It would be impossible to ride them all, so let’s focus on smaller sections. Like this one through Neckarsulm:

Neckar Valley Cycle Route

The 366 km Neckar Valley Cycle Route will take you to historical palaces and castles, through forests and fields, and even past industrial monuments. If you’re not a marathon rider, a leisurely ride can be enjoyed on just a part of the route. Bikes can be rented free of charge at Vienna House Easy Neckarsulm!


For more information: http://www.neckartalradweg-bw.de/


SLEEP & BIKE | Vienna House Easy Neckarsulm

Bike - September 2017 - 4

Dornbirn – Austria

There are 54 different bike tours around Dornbirn to choose from. For a general overview of the various routes, check out the Outdooractive website.

If you start in Dornbirn, you’ve got easy access to a 300 km network of trails that covers all of Vorarlberg. Do you want to ride through the breathtaking scenery of the region? Or perhaps go for an international tour through Austria, Germany and Switzerland with a ride around Lake Constance? There’s bound to be something for everyone.


For more information: https://www.vorarlberg.travel/en/bike-e-bike-and-mountain-bike/cycling-in-vorarlberg/


For mountain bikers, this is the place to find the right uphill or downhill ride for you: http://www.bergfex.at/sommer/vorarlberg/touren/mountainbike/


SLEEP & BIKE | Vienna House Martinspark Dornbirn


Pilsen – Czech Republic

A visit to Pilsen should be about more than just beer – after all, this wonderful city has so much to offer. Gorgeous sceneries with numerous palaces and castles are waiting to be discovered by bike. Here are the most beautiful routes:

Ride around the Bolevec Ponds

While most people have heard of Pilsen, the beautiful recreational area around the Bolevec Ponds is relatively unknown outside of the region. Despite the fact that the location offers numerous opportunities for biking, swimming or hiking. The area can be explored by bike in about four hours.


Vienna House Easy Angelo Pilsen has bikes and helmets available free of charge. Nothing more stands in the way of a good ride out.


SLEEP & BIKE | Vienna House Easy Angelo Pilsen

Bike - September 2017 - 2

Paris – France

Exploring a big city like Paris by bike? No problem! Vienna House Dream Castle Paris and Vienna House Magic Circus Paris in Marne-la-Vallée are wonderfully situated for bike tours in the French capital. The free shuttle bus can take you and your bike to the train station, where you continue your trip to the city. Or stay nearby and ride to the Disney Parks by bike.


E-bikes can be rented from Biclou for € 59 for two days. And the best part: the bike is delivered directly to the hotel.

Paris off the beaten track

This four-hour tour takes you through the city’s most enchanting neighbourhoods while also exploring lesser known sights in Le Marais, the Latin Quarter and the city’s other historic districts. Don’t forget to stop for an authentic French crêpe and a cup of café au lait.


For more information: https://www.getyourguide.com/paris-l16/secret-of-paris-bike-tour-latin-quarter-le-marais-t46331/


SLEEP & BIKE | Vienna House Dream Castle at Disneyland ® Paris | Vienna House Magic Circus at Disneyland ® Paris


Katowice – Poland

Bicycle riding is part of everyday life in Katowice. A Critical Mass bike ride takes place every last Friday of the month, when cyclists meet to take over the city streets. Willing participants can rent bikes from Vienna House Angelo Katowice.


A slightly more affordable way to ride around town is to register with City by Bike. The system offers the possibility of 24/7 bike rentals with pick-up and return at any of the 30 stations around the city. Practical, isn’t it?


The Yellow Route is a recommendation for a short ride. The 7.5 km trail goes from Dolina Trzech Stawów (Valley of Three Ponds) through the districts of Borki, Janów-Nikiszowiec and Szopienice-Burowiec.


SLEEP & BIKE | Vienna House Easy Angelo Katowice

Bike - September 2017 - 1

Bratislava – Slovakia

Cycling is extremely popular among Bratislava locals. The many cycling routes around Bratislava are easily recognisable: just follow the signs with the letter C.


BikeBratislava, the city’s biggest bike rental company, has the right bike for a tour of discovery.


The best-known ride goes along the right bank of the Danube to the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum approximately 15 km from the city centre. The way there is lined with many cafés and bars that make a wonderful place for a break. The trail then continues to Gabčíkovo Dam. Real bike enthusiasts could follow the path all the way to the Hungarian border.


SLEEP & BIKE | Vienna House Easy Bratislava


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Europe’s most beautiful bike rides

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