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Turn social distancing into social heartwarming Part 2

The corona pandemic is turning our everyday lives upside down and is a constant challenge for many of us. But we can also use the situation to explore new avenues and optimise our social behaviour.


Social surroundings

Everyday life is suddenly different for everyone. If you used to be at work every day and spend hours with colleagues, the only thing that connects you now is the telephone or video chat. Meetings by friends are a thing of the past, no funny rounds in the restaurant or bar. Suddenly you are at home. A place where few of us usually spend days, but which is so important. Families suddenly have time for each other. The children are at home and we are spending time together. The family grows even stronger together. The time is also used more for social contacts. Many contact old friends and call grandma more often. With the people who are close to our hearts, we move closer together.


Couples are also spending more time together again. If months after the crisis the birth rate will rise?

Where light is, there is also shadow. Such situations can also confront us with unexpected challenges. If you find yourself in trouble, don’t hesitate to get help immediately. Here are a few contacts you can turn to:

Child and youth welfare: 116 111

In case of psychological crises, the telephone counselling service is available to you on 0800/11 10 111.

Help with domestic violence: 0800/01 16 016
The federal assistance telephone can also be contacted by e-mail or chat.


Digital connection

Why not invite your friends to join a group video chat. It’s really funny to see everyone together on the screens.


With WhatsApp you can make video calls with up to 4 people at the same time. This works for free via the app, but also on your PC. It is available across platforms on iOS and Android devices and for most of us in daily use anyway.


Zoom is currently experiencing a great hype. Without having to create an account, up to 100 people can video chat with each other for free via the app or the software. However, the service is limited to 40 minutes in group conversations, unless you use a paid version.


For Skype all participants need an account. If everyone has one installed, up to 50 people can participate in a call. The classic among video chat providers is free of charge and unlimited in time. Via app and software, in addition to a phone call with or without a picture, the screen can be shared or a messenger can be used.


Jitsi works without registration. Participants can simply be invited via link. There is no limit to the number of participants. Jitsi can be used easily and for free as an app on a smartphone or browser-based.


Things are getting a little crazy at the app Houseparty. Here a virtual room is created, which your friends, but also the friends of your participating friends and again their friends can enter. In this way, very funny video conversations and of course new contacts develop. For Houseparty, however, registration of all participants is necessary. But the fun factor is really high and it is a great way to meet new people.


And maybe a first date via video chat is a nice alternative? Online dating is booming at the moment anyway. After all, it’s hard to meet the big love elsewhere when you hardly ever leave home. After the first contact has been made and seems promising, the first real date is now missing. Video chats can be a nice option in this case. In the usual environment you might even flirt a bit more relaxed. There are no limits to creativity. How about having a coffee or a candlelight dinner in front of the screen? With a glass of wine you can also toast over the camera. Or you can watch a film together via streaming or visit a virtual concert and communicate with each other.





Support the locals

Those who might have stopped at large shopping centres on their way to work in the past now visit the grocery stores in the immediate neighbourhood. Have you tried the delivery service of the restaurants in your area yet? Even pharmacies, florists and DIY stores offer delivery or contactless pickup by appointment. It’s a good business, with a good feeling: because the local shops are there for you.


The project #Wirvonhier was started a few days ago in the course of a Corona-Hackathons of the German government. An app is to be created where you can browse through the assortment of local retailers and have the goods delivered to your home.

Lokalkauf is already in the starting blocks and is also launching an app where regional retailers can offer their delivery service. The first regions have already been implemented.

Some regions have already set up their own websites listing local retailers with delivery offers. From cosmetics to contact lenses to fishing tackle, everything from the region is brought to your doorstep. In many places, DIY and garden centres have switched to an ordering and pick-up service.

Take a look at your regional daily newspaper and keep an eye on the social media in your area! A wide variety of retailers join in every day.

You will be amazed at what there is to explore. Find out – maybe the bookshop around the corner delivers or the florist makes an out-of-home sale.



#stayhome #staystrong #staysafe



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