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Trier, you are so beautfiul!

And you have so many #hiddensecrets for all visitors.. 😊 Check the following two which are a great choice during your stay 😊


Cafe Mohrenkopf

80 years of tradition * exceptional location * homemade cakes

The un-plastered construction with the old wooden floor makes it easy for guests to go back to the early years of the café, which was opened in 1933.


The eponymous Mohrenkopf is an elevation on the Markusberg, high above the western part of the city. One of the #hddensecrets: the view from the terrace of the house. The view extends far into the valley, on the opposite side of the Moselle, to the foothills of the neighbor town Konz.




STAY | Vienna House Easy Trier




And the most important thing: fantastic cakes!

Around 20 varieties of fresh cakes every day, all homemade. In addition to fantastic classics such as cheese-, apple- or chocolate cakes you will find exciting creations such as the pudding cake, walnut apple cake, banana cake and delicious pancake variations. Seasonally there’s plum-, rhubarb- or strawberry cake. Some of the recipes are from the founder time and have been a safety guarded family secret ever since.




Dialog im Dunkeln

Can colorful pictures appear in your head without seeing anything? Yes, definitely!


The exciting exhibition in complete lack of light is a really great experience and something you will never forget. In the group you will go for a walk through an unexpectedly diverse world with our visually impaired and blind guides. How changes a park experience, if you can only listen to the birds singing? How can you choose your vegetables at the weekly market, without seeing it?




You can have all these situations in the dark and discuss afterwards with your group. It’s also a good opportunity to escape from the summer heat.. 😊


The exhibition ends on the 29.07.2019.


More details:



I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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