• Art - March 2017 - Lodz 2
  • Art - March 2017 - Lodz
  • Art - March 2017 - Cracow
  • Art - March 2017 - Berlin
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Travelling with art

While travelling, especially for business, there is no time to experience high culture. Does it have to be like that? What about introducing art into a hotel to make your stay better, not just in a physical sense, but also in a spiritual one?

A hotel is not only a place where we stay when travelling. It is a place where lots of guests meet, with different interests, specializing in various fields. Artists, celebrities, travellers, businessmen, families, couples, and single persons. This place witnesses the development of the city and many important events. Finally, it is a meeting place that should offer much more than a good atmosphere, food, and accommodation to its guests. For this reason, the ANDEL’s ART programme was developed. This project has been carried out for several years in hotels belonging to the andel’s design line. Currently, the project involves andel’s hotels in Lodz, Berlin, and Cracow, because design and art play a very important role in these hotels, and, thanks to ANDEL’s ART, it is stressed even more. Exhibitions of young artists are organized in public spaces of the hotels as part of the programme, and some of the works are adapted to become a permanent part of the interior design and may be found in the lobby, restaurants, or suites.

Art - March 2017 - Lodz

Exhibitions within ANDEL’s ART are organized in three series: the curatorial series ANDEL’S QUARTER and individual exhibitions: ANDEL’S PHOTO and ANDEL’S PRESENTS. It would be difficult to mention all the exhibitions that were held in each of the three cities, but it is worth mentioning at least a few examples. andel’s by Vienna House Lodz joined, among others, the Fotofestiwal in Lodz, exhibiting works by young photographers in the hotel; andel’s by Vienna House Cracow hosted exhibitions of portraits by Zofia Nasierowska, works by Sabina Woźnica, exhibitions within the VIVA series showing the most outstanding pictures of celebrities published over the last 15 years in the biweekly „VIVA!”; the andel’s hotel in Berlin organized the exhibition of works by, among others, the Polish artist Igor Przybylski.

Art - March 2017 - Lodz 2

What is more, exhibitions travel from one city to another. This was the case with, for example, the exhibition of works by Urszula Tarasiewicz, “Ogrodowa”. Pictures by this artist tell the story of the home town of the artist – Lodz – but, at the same time, they are the allegorical story about the world, transience, building a home and changes in the domestic life. They were first exhibited in Lodz, than, after a few weeks, they were moved to Cracow to promote the artistic work of the artist from Lodz.

Art - March 2017 - Berlin

Each place and time is good for art. However, finding place and time for it is quite an art. It becomes a lot easier when art is included in the everyday life of the hotel.


STAY | andel´s by Vienna House Lodzandel´s by Vienna House Cracowandel´s by Vienna House Berlin

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