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Did you know over 1.3 billion people now travel abroad? We all love getting away, and we are always looking for the next big thing. So what are the trends that will shape our travel in the future? We are now considering new factors for travel, issues such as over-tourism, the environment and other impacts our journeys have on the places we visit. This is leading towards a desire for more authentic, thoughtful and cultural travelling. Here are four trends that will play a major part in tourism in the future.




Try an alternative destination, travel responsibly

Sick of over-crowded, tacky tourist hotspots? Why not try a lesser known destination. The issue of over-tourism is causing tourist boards to look at methods of diverting visitors away from hotspots and into lesser known regions. Barcelona and Amsterdam have even considered tourist taxes to help relieve the pressure on some of Europe’s most popular destinations. In Poland, cities like Gdańsk, Łódź and Katowice offer rich history, buzzing nightlife and a colourful history at a fraction of the price of more visited European cities. Explore the edgy, up-and-coming Łódź, named one of the most affordable places to visit by Lonely Planet for 2019. Be sure to check out the ultracool Piotrkowska, the longest shopping promenade in Europe.


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Unwind with wellness tourism

In need of some rest and relaxation? Home to some of the oldest spa towns in the world, traditional, European spa travel is set to rise. At 630 billion dollars, the wellness tourism industry has grown at a rate of 6.5% every year since 2015, more than twice the rate of tourism overall. After such rapid growth, visitors will look to the origins of spa and wellness. Escape to the tranquil German town of Bad Oeynhausen, world-renowned for its health spas. Located on the banks of the River Weser, a must-visit is the Kurpark spa gardens, home to the world’s highest carbonated, thermal salt water fountain, Jordan Sprudel. Improve your metabolism and circulation by taking a dip in the 6000 litre thermal baths or visit the Bali Therme spa for a full set of treatments fed by the thermal saline springs.


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Immerse yourself in local culture and experiences

Looking for more from your travel than sitting on a beach? Experience local culture whatever chance you get for more fulfilling travel. As ‘the experience economy’ continues to grow, more and more travellers can be found looking for authentic, local and educational experiences. Millennials are among the most dissatisfied with seeing the same old sights, with 86% wanting to experience a new culture by getting stuck into the why, how and when of a destination. Pilsen, the home of the first Pilsner lager in 1842, is somewhat of a mecca for beer. Guests can tour Pilsner Urquell brewery, the inspiration behind more than two-thirds of the world’s beers. This tour includes three brew houses from different centuries and culminates with tasting unfiltered Pilsner Urquell in the historical cellars. Visitors can also unwind at Chodovar Brewery & Beer Spa, the original Czech beer spa that uses treatments combining hot mineral water, beer and grains to improve damaged skin cells, reduce wrinkles and hydrates skin.


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Think green, stay in eco-friendly accomodation

Are you wary of the carbon footprint your travelling leaves behind? Stay in an eco-friendly hotel and do your bit for the environment. Environmental concerns are now a major consideration for travellers, with 87% saying they wish to travel sustainably. The number of travellers intending to stay in eco-accommodation has risen consistently for the past three years and hotels are beginning to take notice. Vienna House Andel’s Berlin uses regional produce from local providers in the restaurant, makes honey from bees that are kept on the hotel roof, uses 100% green electricity and even encourages guests to make a contribution to the environment by letting staff know their room doesn’t need cleaning. Those that do will even receive a healthy gift.
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