• mural in Lodz
  • mural in Lodz
  • mural in Lodz
  • mural in Lodz
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Top 5 street art murals in Lodz, Poland

Lodz does not end at Piotrkowska Street. This is only the beginning of the city, which invites us to discover it. Lodz is not only Manufaktura and Fashion Week. It is the city, where, between Księżny Młyn, Wólczańska Street and the Łódź Kaliska Railway Station, you can find gems of street art.

Street art in Lodz

Lodz is a beautiful, post-industrial city, full of old houses and factories which have been closed since the Age of Steam. It is full of peace and charm. As David Lynch said: “I like what Lodz looks like during a day and at night. Lodz made me start to dream”.

Walking around today’s Lodz, you can feel the amazing atmosphere. There are still many houses that need renovation. There are still places into which better not to venture at night – but where are not? When walking around various streets you should raise your head up and look at the facades of buildings. On 36 of them, you can admire unique murals by famous artists of street art from Poland and around the world. Of course, you can look at murals on the Internet, but is it not better to admire their immensity when standing in front of them? Pause for shopping in Manufaktura and then go on a fascinating journey, during which you will see the top 5 impressive street art murals in Lodz.

mural in Lodz by ROA

©Fundacja Urban Forms

Where to go? Where to find street art in Lodz?

Go east on Ogrodowa Street. In a few minutes you will see in front of your eyes the second most popular weasel in Poland (after the one from a painting by Leonardo da Vinci) created by the Belgian artist nicknamed ROA. Then head to Legionów Street, where you will see two murals by Polish artists M-City and PENER, made in a more graphic and colorful style. Then, head south on Zachodnia Street and Kościuszko or Wólczańska Streets in search of hidden works of street art. Look at the mural on 9 Więckowskiego Street, the work of the Russian artist MORIK, showing a woman sitting in the room, painted in the original style and beautiful colors. At 3 Uniwersytecka Street you will see a blue “flying” elephant, created by a Polish group of ETAM CREW. You can find all murals on a specially prepared map.

Mural in Lodz by ETAM CREW

©Fundacja Urban Forms

Those are only 5 out of the 36 official murals, which were created on the initiative of the Urban Forms Foundation. UFF is making the centre of Lodz more colourful by giving it a unique dimension. It is impossible to pass by and ignore a huge, breath-taking works of art that constitute an unusual museum for people who can look at them between business meetings or when doing shopping.

What is street art?

Street art is not only the murals. This name includes actually everything that is created in the urban space: installations, architecture, sculpture, murals, graffiti and other art forms. They can be short, such as the performances of street musicians and mapping shows. They sometimes take a permanent place in the urban space, like murals by Etam Crew. These works, which sometimes are not completely legal, are made by recognized artists with a message (like works made by probably the most famous street art artist, Banksy), or by ordinary citizens who want to vent their creative thoughts. They are small or large, in colour or black and white, but all of them give the city a unique character.

mural in Lodz by MORIK

©Fundacja Urban Forms

Do you want to see it by yourself?

Take an organized tour with a guide and stop at andel’s by Vienna House Lodz, where you will see another work of M-City. The hotel staff will tell you more about the street art of Lodz and will show you where you can find other works.


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