• Lodz - Top 5 Event Highlights in Lodz - April 2016
  • Lodz - Top 5 Event Highlights in Lodz - April 2016
  • Lodz - Top 5 Event Highlights in Lodz - April 2016
  • Lodz - Top 5 Event Highlights in Lodz - April 2016
  • Lodz - Top 5 Event Highlights in Lodz - April 2016
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Top 5 Event Highlights in Lodz, Poland

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think – ‘festival’? Naaah, don’t give me that Coachella corn. Dig a little deeper. Did you know that for years this unobtrusive city of Lodz has been a mecca for passionates of all kinds? Whatever your ‘poison’ is – you’ll find your fix here.

FashionPhilosophy Fashionweek Poland

Date: 19–24 April 2016

A Polish answer to Fashion Weeks across the world. The promoters’ goal is to peddle Polish fashion designers both locally and on the international market. Once you start to see people in strange attires (unless it’s a Darth Vader mask, then you’ve surely mixed the addresses – see above), you know you’re there.

Insider’s tip: It’s always worth stopping by the showrooms. They’re the best spot to get some stylish highlights for your wardrobe.

Official page

Lodz - Top 5 Event Highlights in Lodz - April 2016  Lodz - Top 5 Event Highlights in Lodz - April 2016

© FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland



Date: 9–19 June 2016

This is something to be proud of! Fotofestiwal Lodz is the oldest photography festival in Poland. Starting in 2001 they haven’t missed a single year of visual pleasures! The festival boldly fills the city with art – wherever you go, you can be certain you’re going to experience art. Yes, they are in the shopping malls too!

Insider’s tip: Not only the Grand Prix contest is worth your attention. The DEBUTS laureates’ exhibition is really worth your time! Not to mention that if you stay at andel’s you won’t have to go far. We have hosted this part of the festival for a couple of years now.

Official Page


Light Move Festival

Date: 7–9 October 2016

The little sister of the famous Berlin Light Festival draws thousands of people into the very heart of Lodz. The city’s longest street (a substitute for the ‘old town’) is full of lights. Mesmerizing installations turn the streets into a fairytale land. The combination light and sound show is a cherry on the festival’s top. The must-see that’ll give you shivers. Brace yourself as you jump into this realm as there’s A LOT of people.

Insider’s tip: Mind your step – this is non-age-restricted entertainment. It’s common to see multi-generation families wandering around in seek of light-induced awe.

Official page

Lodz - Top 5 Event Highlights in Lodz - April 2016  Lodz - Top 5 Event Highlights in Lodz - April 2016

© Light Move Festival


Lodz Design Festival

Date: 13–23 October 2016

The biggest and longest design-related event in Poland. It’s a real hot date in every design freak’s calendar. The festival program is the size of an old-fashioned fold-out map. And twice that interesting! Besides the modern Polish design overview, it’s full of exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

Insider’s tip: If you’re lucky enough to make it to the gala dinner, you’ll get to wonder which part of the setup is actually edible… yay! (Last year the food was served on tables turned into a lawn!)

Official page

Lodz - Top 5 Event Highlights in Lodz - April 2016
© Lodz Design Festival



International Festival of Comics and Games

Date: not confirmed

A real treat for all nerds and geeks! Thousands of them have taken over the city every October for the past… 26 years! Atlas Arena bursts at the seams and deciding where to go next is almost beyond any human being. Game zone, comic zone, author meetings, workshops, exhibitions… aaand so much more!

Insider’s tip: Don’t wanna feel out of place? Better start working on that cosplay costume you have in the back of your closet! There is a costume contest – this might be your last call for a yearly selfie with Chewbacca.

Official page

And that’s just a handful! There’s SO. MUCH. MORE! Soundedit for sound engineers and producers, International Festival of Pleasant and Unpleasant Arts for the theatre diggers, animated film festival ReAnimacja, International Triennial of Textile Art, Polówka film festival that lasts the whole summer, Filmeractive festival, Cinergia dedicated to European cinema. Believe it or not, but we’re not even close to the end. And this year there is a new kid coming – the well-known Transatlantic Festival has moved from Poznan. You know where to!

I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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