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TOP 10 must-sees in Łódź. Recommended by local experts from Vienna House. Part 2

In the last article we presented the first 5 must-sees in Łódź, which you cannot miss when staying in Lodz – city recommended by Lonely Planet to stay in 2019. Below you will find the next 5 must-sees, which are recommended by the team of Vienna House Andel’s Łódź. Enjoy exloring the hidden secrets of Łódź!




Recommended by Magdalena Kurczak, Reservation Manager
“This is a piece of wild nature in the middle of the city. There is a river hidden in the canal and a large pond with huge willow trees growing on its banks. You can see a lot of birds and ducks here, which children like to feed. The whole park covers almost 8 hectares so there is plenty of space for walking. It offers a perfect escape from city sightseeing and an ideal place for a picnic or relaxation.”
Location: Widzew district.




Recommended by Roksana Armacka, Convention Coordinator
“Over the last few years, Łódź has become the Polish capital of murals and has strongly marked its presence on the map of world street art. The Łódź collection is considered to be among the most interesting in Europe! Every year, new street art works are created by graffiti stars from all over the world. So far, Eduardo Cobra (Brazil), Os Gemeos duo (Brazil), Inti (Chile), Aryz (Spain), ROA (Belgium) and Etam Crew (Poland) have left their mark on the walls of Łódź. In many places, we can still admire the preserved advertising murals from several decades ago.”
Location: different spots in Łódź. http://www.urbanforms.org/

©Fundacja Urban Forms
©Fundacja Urban Forms




Recommended by Tomasz Krzemiński, Purchasing Manager
“I am a runner and regularly take part in mountain runs in the Łagiewnicki Forest, so I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t recommend this place. It is the largest forest unit located within city limits in Europe. It is said to accommodate 115 species of birds, 25 species of mammals and 21 species of butterflies! It features many hiking and biking trails, so anyone who likes active leisure will find what they are looking for here.”
Location: Łagiewniki, outskirts of Łódź.

@Jaruh Art
@Jaruh Art


STAY | Vienna House Andel’s Lodz | EAT | DELIGHT RESTAURANT




Recommended by Katarzyna Szyszkiewicz, Convention Coordinator
“A museum that is inspiring and creative in the field of book art. Here you can see several globally unique printing devices like matrix assembly, paper guillotines, wire sewing machines as well as manual sewing and bookbinding devices. A visit here is a journey to the world of books, delving deeper into its history and modernity. You can sense that the fields of art correspond to each other, and a traditional book is more than just letters.”
Location: Tymienieckiego Street no. 24 (Księży Młyn)

@Hanna Zaubrycka UMØ
@Hanna Zaubrycka UMØ




Recommended by Katarzyna Strojna-Szwaj, Regional Communication and Marketing Manager
“Łódź is also an amazing place for families with children. However, the Manufaktura centre is not the only attraction available. There also is Łódź Bajkowa, a family tourist trail following small monuments depicting characters from children’s cartoon series and movies by Se-ma-for Studio, which was awarded an Oscar for the animation for Peter and the Wolf. The monuments of Miś Uszatek (Floppy Bear) and Wróbel Ćwirek (Ćwirek Sparrow) will delight not only Polish children, and a walk in search of them will certainly allow parents to enjoy the architecture of the Lódź tenement houses. Children will surely be proud of the collection of photos depicting the fairytale characters. *”
Location: different spots in Łódź.


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