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Time for a health kick with a difference?

Day to day life can be stressful, so your travelling experiences should refresh your mind, body and soul. Health and wellness tourism is becoming increasingly popular, with the wellness industry growing by over 12% in the last two years. For those looking for a relaxing break with a difference, check out these health and wellness breaks with a twist.


Float into a music-filled dimension in Berlin

A city known for its vibrant music scene, creativity and stark individuality; Berlin is home to Liquidrom – an ultra-modern wellness centre with a twist. The spa boasts a host of state of the art facilities such as steam baths, a Japanese-inspired outdoor hot water area and for the more adventurous… four unique nude saunas. A range of massages are also available, from hot stone and Balinese herbal to aromatic oil and Indian abhyanga. However the main attraction is the large salt water floating pool, complete smooth arches and ambient colours that gently change with soothing music that can be heard underwater. The sounds of world-renowned Berlin techno, classical, house and acoustic music wash over you as the lights subtly shift in time with the music, creating an experience straight out of a sci-fi film. Only in Berlin.


STAY | Vienna House Andel’s Berlin 




Unwind at a bohemian beer spa in Pilsen

Considered the crown jewel of Europe’s spa industry, is there anything more relaxing than a traditional Czech spa break? The answer is yes… a traditional Czech beer spa break. Pilsen, the home of Pilsner lager, combines the region’s rich brewing history with expert spa care for a completely unique wellness experience. Visit the Purkmistr spa and take a beer bath, where the 35 °C Pilsner and herb mixture helps to open pores, improve damaged skin cells and reduce wrinkles. As you soak in the warm beer, it is important to stay hydrated, that’s why each wooden tub comes complete with a cool beer tap, bliss. Guests can also try out a beer oil massage, rich in B vitamins and minerals before finishing with a beer peel that gives elasticity to the skin. You’ll leave the spa feeling rested, relaxed and rejuvenated… and maybe slightly tipsy.


STAY | Vienna House Easy Pilsen




An underground salty experience to savour in Kraków

Located 135 metres underground and just outside of Kraków, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is a UNESCO heritage site that produced table salt from the 13th Century to 2007, making it one of the world’s oldest salt mines. The mine is also home to the world’s first underground health resort of its kind, spawning the treatment known as ‘subterraneotherapy’. The microclimate within the mine contains large amounts of sodium chloride, magnesium and calcium ions that are proven to have positive effects on the respiratory system. Take part in modern breathing exercises, aerobics, salt baths and salt massages. Visitors will also be able to use gym equipment and work up a sweat in the therapeutic air. Unwind in ambient lighting beside underground lakes, as the gentle sound of running water echoes throughout the serene salt chambers, a wellness experience unlike any other.


STAY | Vienna House Andel’s Cracow




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