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The power of Polish volleyball fans

Sport doesn’t exist without fans. This simple truth is especially evident with Polish volleyball fans, who are recognised as some of the most enthusiastic worldwide. The atmosphere that they can create in the arena is the envy of many volleyball teams. Soon you can find out for yourself during the 2017 Men’s European Volleyball Championship, which will take place in Poland.

Volleyball - June 2017 - 2

© FIVB, poland2014.fivb.org/en

The opening match on 24 August will see Poland take on Serbia in the National Stadium in Warsaw. The next phases are planned for Gdansk, Szczecin, Katowice and Cracow. The games are an opportunity to enjoy a great show not only on the court but also in the stands. This is thanks to the Polish supporters, who are famous for their spontaneity. Entry tickets are going like hot cakes, which is a sign that the sports halls will be packed to capacity. Matches are usually attended by whole families, people of different ages who are not only hungry for sport emotions but also want to have fun to the rhythms of some lively music. The fans come with various props, paint their faces in the national team colours, cheer for their teams – this is a unique and unforgettable experience. The best proof was the opening match of the World Championship in Warsaw in 2014, which attracted over 60,000 fans and was widely commented all over the world. You can see what it looked like in the following video:



The history of volleyball’s popularity goes back to the years 1974 and 1976. The main prize fought out during the World Championship in Mexico and the Olympic Games in Montreal became the first successes for the Polish team. At the times of the Polish People’s Republic, the win over the Soviet Union had an additional, symbolic dimension and was a life-blood of volleyball power in Poland. The next stage was the year 1998, when the Polish team took part in the World League. Ever since, Polish volleyball matches have become a kind of festival for the fans, who every time are fired on by the famous duo of sport announcer and sport DJ Marek Magiera and Krzysztof Kułaga. They are the ones who lead the crowd.


Of course, the atmosphere at the games also has its opponents, who claim that the fans turn the matches into a party. Nevertheless, even players and representatives from different countries are amazed at the show in the stands. Brazilian player Sergio once said: “When I hear the throats of ten thousand Polish fans, my heart is squeezed by a strange power and I feel a kind of ecstasy. This is something unique. I love playing in front of such an audience.”

Volleyball - June 2017 - 1

© FIVB, poland2014.fivb.org/en

This August, you will be able to form your own opinion about Polish volleyball fans. It’s worth it to see at least one match to discover their power. And with Vienna House hotels in Cracow and Katowice, you could even win a weekend stay in Prague, Berlin or Paris. All you need to do is book a room at andel’s by Vienna House Cracow, Vienna House Easy Chopin Cracow or angelo by Vienna House Katowice between 23 August and 4 September and send a confirmation of your stay as well as a photo of you cheering for your team during the Championship to marketing.pl@viennahouse.com. Last date for entries is 10 September 2017. So what are you waiting for?


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