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Sweeten up your spring

A biscuit in the morning – a must. A few pieces of chocolate after lunch – can’t do without. Sweets are happiness, sweets are enjoyment, sweets are a taste of home and, yes, the world does look better with a little something sweet by your side. Snack till you drop? You can definitely do that in Berlin, the city that declares war on boring supermarket gummy bears and which, thanks to its sweet variety, gives you the best excuses for giving in to temptation.


So come try the creamiest ice creams, the most delicious chocolates and the fanciest sweets. Your springtime raincoat will easily hide those one or two extra pounds – and you’ll be sure to burn off some calories on your shopping trip anyway. Here are some places you should definitely pop in to:


Popcorn from the Knalle popcorn shop

Salted caramel peanut butter, lavender grapefruit, barbecue smoked almonds or, the vegan alternative, tonka bean with coconut – there’s good reason the makers at Knalle describe their popcorn selections as pop-gasmic! Fresh from the oven, handmade and sold in popcorn six packs, you’ll definitely be seduced by these sweet and savoury snacks from Germany’s first popcorn shop.


Popkornditorei Knalle, Mühsamstraße 41, Berlin-Friedrichshain



Sugafari, sweets from all over the world

Are you yearning for that power bar from the last trip to Thailand, the fruit gummies from Sydney or those Twinkies from your last surfing adventure in America? No prob. When you’re dreaming of faraway places in the form of tasty local sweets, you’ll find them from all over this Earth at Sugafari. And it gets even better. Sign up for a membership subscription and you’ll get a different sweet surprise every month from Oceania and around the world sent directly to your home. Totally multiculti, just like Berlin.


Sugafari, Kopenhagener Straße 69, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg



Weltweit1_Copyright Sugafari-blog

Candy from all over the world, Copyright Sugafari


STAY | Vienna House Easy Berlin


Bonbonmacherei – some of the best bonbons in Berlin

Calling all candy lovers! Hiding in the basement of the inner building at the Heckmann-Höfe courtyard complex you’ll find some of the best bonbons in Berlin. Bonbonmacherei is an old-fashioned candy kitchen and shop that makes bonbons the way they were made 50 years ago. Especially delicious are their signature raspberry and woodruff candies – perfect as something to suck on in between or as a cool souvenir for your sweet-toothed friends back home.


Bonbonmacherei, Oranienburger Str. 32, Berlin-Mitte


bonbon-sauremischung_Copyright Bonbonmacherei Kolbe + Stecher_blog

Bonbon mix, Copyright Bonbonmacherei Kolbe + Stecher



Naschhaus – the shop

If you believe the Guinness World Records, Sweden is world champion in candy consumption, closely followed by Finland and Denmark. At Naschhaus, you’ll find Sweden’s famous Marabou chocolate bars as well as the most colourful lollipops, cake pops and fruit gummies. Before you know it, those sweet Scandinavians have hopped into your shopping bag to go or into a fancy corked jar as a special gift. Even Pippi Longstocking would be jealous.


Naschhaus, Schreinerstr. 15, Berlin-Friedrichshain


vienna-house-andels-berlin-coffeebreak-detail-13-low_Copyright Vienna House-blog

Cake pops, Copyright Vienna House



Florida Eis – carbon-neutral ice cream made in Berlin

Snacking with a clear conscience? You bet! Florida Eis produces carbon-neutral ice cream with energy generated from photovoltaic and wind power systems. Florida Eis has four ice cream parlours in Berlin: two in Spandau and two in Alt-Tegel. But you don’t have to travel that far – the deli at Vienna House Easy Berlin has ice cream from Florida Eis 24 hours nonstop. And here’s the big scoop: the delivery vehicles are sufficiently chilled overnight so they can go all day without any external refrigeration.


Florida Eis Manufaktur, Am Zeppelinpark 53, Berlin-Spandau



Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg, Copyright visitBerlin, Foto Koschel


So? What do you say? Fancy a little sweet stop in Berlin? Especially at Easter, there are so many sweet selections. Berlin’s Easter markets, Easter bonfires, Easter concerts and spring festivals are ready and waiting. There even is a whole market of treats: on 14 April, the Sunday before Easter, Markthalle Neun turns into the land of milk and honey with a snack lab, a sweets workshop and a big confectioner’s stage. Now isn’t that sweet!!


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