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Stars are shining at the Polish seaside

Each year, Międzyzdroje, a town at the Baltic Sea, transforms itself into the capital of culture and art. It is hard to believe that this small town, which in winter is one of the most peaceful places in Poland, at the beginning of July attracts not only tourists, but, first of all, Polish theatre and film stars, writers and celebrities. The Festival of Stars in Międzyzdroje is a unique opportunity not only to see people from the front pages of glossy magazines, but also to talk to them, get an autograph or take a photo. This year, the Festival of Stars takes place for the 22nd time, and Vienna House Amber Baltic has been the partner of the festival for years.


STAY | Vienna House Amber Baltic Miedzyzdroje

Czerwony Dywan


It all started on Wednesday, 5 July, and lasted until Sunday, 9 July. During this time, there were plenty of concerts, film shows, theatre performances, and meetings with actors and writers, as well as memories of the past. After all, this event has been taking place for 22 years! It all started in 1996. The then minister of culture, Waldemar Dąbrowski, came up with this idea during the funeral of Krzysztof Kieślowski. Not only the crowds of fans, but also artists came to the funeral to commemorate the famous director. Thus, the idea came up to integrate members of this community on a regular basis and to strengthen the ties between them. Outstanding personalities from Polish culture gather at the Festival of Stars – artists and intellectuals who meet in a holiday atmosphere to forget about their daily duties for a while and shape the identity of their community. That was the idea lying behind this event. It is also a time to meet with the public, give autographs, take pictures together and… have fun.



Moreover, 11 artists left their handprints at the Walk of Fame in Międzyzdroje during the 22nd Festival of Stars. The Walk of Fame in Międzyzdroje is based on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, opened in 1960 in honour of famous personalities from the showbiz world. Since 1996, nearly 200 outstanding representatives of Polish culture have been honoured here. This is a traditional element of the festival celebrated each year.


This year was also special for Vienna House Amber Baltic Miedzyzdroje. All the actors from the movie “Młode wilki” (“Young Wolves”), which was shot in the 1990s in Międzyzdroje, also in the hotel, came to the Festival of Stars in Międzyzdroje.

One thing is for sure. It is worth coming to Międzyzdroje at least once to feel this unique atmosphere. The next edition of the festival is in July 2018!



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