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Sport is not for dreamers

Filip Wypych – Polish swimmer, who specializes in sprint. He has been swimming since he was 6 and won several medals, both in individual and team competitions. In 2016, he represented Poland at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. At andel’s Vienna House in Lodz, in his home town, he is telling us about the life of a sportsman.


Vienna House: What does a typical day of Filip Wypych look like? According to your Facebook profile, you have mainly workouts, workouts, workouts, competitions… and again workouts, workouts…

Filip Wypych: Indeed, my whole life revolves around swimming, but, after so many years, I can’t imagine a different way of living. My alarm clock goes off at 5:00 am, and I start my first 2-hour workout an hour later. Then I attend classes (Lodz University of Technology), a moment of rest, and then another workout. In the evening, I have a little spare time to spend with family and friends.


VH: Does it mean that in your daily schedule there is still time for a private life?

FW: I always find time for myself, my family and friends. Otherwise, I would go mad! After all, I am an ordinary 25-year-old man, who needs such moments. This allows me to recharge the batteries and enjoy my life.


VH: Sport requires sacrifices. Which one was the most difficult for you?

FW: That’s true, but I cannot decide which one was the hardest. However, I can say that each sacrifice contributes to success and has an impact on what you achieve. After I graduated from high school, I went to Spain to train. I joined the team trained by Bartosz Kizierowski, the most successful sprinter in the history of Polish swimming. I left everything behind and went to another country, although I didn’t speak the local language and didn’t know what to expect. My goal was to obtain results that meet the minimum qualification criteria to compete in the Olympic Games in London. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to pass the qualifications, but I gained new experience, which helped me to qualify for the Olympics in Rio in 2016.


VH: If not swimming, then what? What would have been your second choice in life? You must have had some back-up plan?

FW: I started swimming when I was 6 and since that time the water has absorbed me completely. I didn’t have any back-up plans. I have fallen in love with swimming and I want to get out of this sport as much as possible, both pleasure and satisfaction.


VH: Apart from sport, what is the most important for you?

FW: My nearest and dearest. My sports career will be over one day, and I want to go through life with people who I can always rely on.


VH: Who is your “master”?

FW: My sports guru is my former coach, Bartosz Kizierowski. During 2 years of training with him, I learned a lot, not only in terms of sport. He also taught me about other aspects of life. I have high regard for him and I really appreciate how much he helped me to develop my career.


VH: Have you had any moments of doubt? Which moment do you remember the most?

FW: I guess every athlete has such moments. I sometimes ask myself: “what if I fail?” Then, I have to answer “why would I?”. I do what I enjoy and I find pleasure in it, so I can say that I am a successful man.


VH: The New Year has just begun, so I have to ask: do you have any resolutions?

FW: I guess I won’t surprise you, but my resolution is to train even harder, to be even better :).


VH: Do you think the year 2016 was good for you? Certainly, the Olympics in Rio were of great importance, but was there any other event that had an impact on your life or career?

FW: The year 2016 was very successful, not only because of the Olympics. After a hard and long season, I went on holidays to Bali with my friends – the island I had always wanted to visit. And, most importantly, I proposed to the woman of my life during these holidays.


VH: Congratulations! Getting engaged in Bali sounds like a dream. I won’t ask you about details 😉 However, can you tell me about your memories of the Olympic Games in Rio? Do you remember only enormous stress or rather a new experience and a unique atmosphere?

FW: Olympics are a unique sports event. Top athletes from all around the world, practising all disciplines, compete during one event – it is really impressive, especially for persons who make their debut there. However, this was not the reason for stress. I felt great and loved every moment spent in Brazil. I was where I had always wanted to be – I represented Poland at the Olympics. I gained a remarkable experience and motivation for further work.


VH: What do you do when you are not working? How do you spend your free time?

FW: In my spare time, I like watching good movies and reading good books. When I have more time, I enjoy spending it in the kitchen – on cooking and eating (but not washing up ( 🙂 )).


VH: Your recipe for success?

FW: Never give up and do what you like doing.


VH: I’ve read somewhere that you like travelling. Where would you like to go the most?

FW: There are many places I would like to visit, but Japan would be my first choice. I have had an opportunity to train with some Japanese sportsmen and I am fascinated by their way of life, culture, cuisine, and country. One day, for sure, I will go there.


VH: What do you dream of?
FW: I dream of travelling around the world. I don’t have any sport-related dreams, as I always claim that sport is not for dreamers. When it comes to sport, you have to set a goal and strive to achieve it.
VH: Therefore, I wish you perseverance in pursuing your goals and long-distance travels.

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