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Shopping in Cracow. Magically, internationally and cheaper.

To be in Poland means above all – to visit Cracow – one of the most beautiful European cities which has for years got on top of the most important tourist rankings in the world, like the prestigious New York magazine “Travel & Leisure”, among others. The capital of Lesser Poland, a region in the south of the country, attracts visitors with its architecture, culture, history and entertainment. But another attraction is a chance for wonderful shopping.

The charm of good prices

The city may tempt boutiques’ lovers and those who choose popular chains of shops. And these are especially attractive because the main advantage of shopping in Cracow is not only a rich commercial offer but good prices above all. The fact that Poland is not in euro zone is another advantage for foreign tourists, so it is a great destination for buying clothes of well-known brands but also something more sophisticated, like art, jewellery, handicraft and regional products. The choice is enormous, so if you’re thinking about staying in Cracow for a weekend shopping, it is worth planning it well.

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Cracow, shopping mall, shopping

Galeria Krakowska – must have!

The red line of the programme of your visit should be Galeria Krakowska because it is the biggest shopping centre in the city, outstanding other with its localisation. It is situated right near the main railway (and bus) station and neighbouring the Market Square and the Old Town; also it is well connected with Kraków-Balice airport.


Cracow, shopping mall, shopping


And inside the modern, three-level building there are as many as 250 shops waiting for us. Majority of them selling worldwide known brands. There you find Lacoste, Guess, Esprit, Benetton, MaxMara, Tommy Hilfiger, Marco O’Polo, Massimo Dutti and Mango, there is of course H&M, Zara, Camaieu, New Yorker and popular brands of jeans, like: Lee, Wrangler, Lee Cooper, Levi’s, Calvin Klein Jeans.

Polish brands – quality and style

While staying in Poland it is worth paying attention to Polish companies’ offer and visit 4F, Big Star or the enormously popular chain of shops – Reserved, all of them with fashionable clothes of good quality and extraordinarily low prices. If it comes to men outfits, Polish brands as for example Vistula or Lavard are the most chic. In Galeria Krakowska we can find world leaders of premium class clothing, like Hugo Boss. In this huge shopping gallery there are lots of shops that sell shoes and hosiery (like: Michael Kors, Hego’s Milano, Geox, Ecco, Crocs), underwear (like: Calzedonia, Chantelle, Intimissimi) and many many more.

Jewellery and the world’s best amber

What is really interesting in Poland is jewellery made by big companies and by individual artists, created with the use of the most modern solutions or hand made.


Jewellery, Cracow, shopping


We find these jewelleries in Galeria Krakowska itself, with popular Polish brands – like Apart or Kruk among others, and in numerous jewellery shops and small studios that fill the old part of Cracow. Other well-known and extremely popular Polish jewellery brands are: Yes (classic jewellery) or Mokobelle, offering modern and personalised jewellery products. If we are planning wedding and searching for wedding rings a weekend break in Cracow may appear a great chance for that.


Cracow, shopping, jewellery, wedding

During the stay there, we will for sure pay attention to the most beautiful amber jewellery. 70 percent of amber jewellery sold world wide comes from Poland, so buying it especially here is very beneficial. Polish specialty is framing the native Baltic amber in noble metals, for example in silver, and products offered by local jewellers enchant with their craftsmanship and stylish design.

Amber, jewellery, Poland, shopping, Cracow

Porcelain, ceramics and crystal

Also Polish porcelain and crystals are distinguished by great craft, especially the ceramic tableware of Bolesławiec – formed and hand-decorated with the use of unique stamping technique. It identifies not only with high quality and design above all, the latter settled strongly in tradition and at the same time thoroughly modern. A product of this brand may be a wonderful and practical souvenir from Cracow or a chic gift.


pottery, Boleslawiec, Poland

Cracow and Kazimierz – a delightful climate

For those who like extraordinary bibelots, artisanal products or just art (painting, graphics, sculpture) Cracow and its old Jewish district Kazimierz will be magical places. During walks down old streets full of charm, every now and then one finds atmospheric bars and restaurants, but also authorial studios, private boutiques, original shops with accessories and remarkable clothing. We may find interesting places on Józef Street – it is worth visiting Vintage Classics, Anna Gregory and Mapaya.


Cracow, street, Old Town

Drinks and tastes

Those who would like to buy not only clothes or charming bibelots in Poland but also local drinks and culinary specialties may search for them in delicatessen spread around the centre of the city or accept the offer of groceries situated in Galeria Krakowska. Depending on needs, one may find there a supermarket and also premium class grocery – Krakowski Kredens – full of great local flavours such as: kabanos, sheep cheeses, homemade lards and pâtés. After having taken them home all these products will become a good memory of brilliant shopping and a wonderful weekend in Polish city of kings. On one hand it enchants with more than one hundred years old tenements and palaces standing on the Market Square and on the other hand vibrates with the buzz of a modern European metropolis full of tourists.


Cracow, shopping, sweet


It is worth joining visitors of Cracow to become enchanted by the city and benefit from a chance for inexpensive shopping.

The Old Town and right next to it the Galeria Krakowska are neighbouring to Vienna House Andel’s Cracow hotel. Here is the perfect place for a good weekend in Cracow. Comfortably and cosily, having all the best things within arm’s reach. Try it!


TIP: Please mind the new Sunday trade limitations law in Poland.


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