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Secrets about Disneyland® Paris – For sharing with friends!

Disneyland® Paris is famous for its immersive attractions, amazing shows and unforgettable characters.


But there are also plenty of secret attractions for you to discover – and fans of the Disney Parks love to share them. Here are a few we’ve chosen for you – one for every theme zone at the two parks.


  1. The Main Street, U.S.A. party line telephones

At the beginning of the 20th century in the USA, it was quite common for several homes to have the same phone number. These shared party lines were cheaper than individual lines. It was often tempting to listen to the neighbours’ conversations on one of these party lines. On Main Street, U.S.A., curious guests can listen in on a phone conversation from 1910. Just go to Market House Delicatessen, New Century Notions Flora’s Unique Boutique or Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts!




  1. The Frontierland nugget

The Lucky Nugget Saloon in the town of Thunder Mesa is a great place to have a good time. It’s owned by cabaret dancer Diamond Lil, who stumbled across such a big nugget of gold not far from Big Thunder Mountain that she was able to buy her own cabaret! The nugget is still on show in the restaurant, as clever Diamond Lil always managed to pay her creditors in other ways so that she didn’t have to use it.


  1. The polar bear at Adventureland

At Coolpost, a little sales outlet with an African theme, legend has it that the drinks here are so refreshing that even a polar bear turned up to quench his thirst! The bear is a reference to the animal that often appears in adverts for Coca-Cola, the shop’s sponsor. Another local curiosity: there’s a branded ice machine not far from the kiosk whose door sounds like a fizzy drink can when it’s opened.


  1. The Fantasyland giant

Sir Mickey’s Boutique is recognisable by the famous vegetable plot out front. There’s a gigantic magic beanstalk not far from the entrance and it winds its way into the store. You’ll find two characters from the “Mickey and the Beanstalk” sequence from the film Fun and Fancy Free there: Mickey is trying to escape from Willie the Giant, who is hiding behind the shutters.




  1. The Discoveryland volcano

Volcanic activity has shaped Discoveryland, with immense blocks of stone scattered about the various attractions and buildings. The many attractions are actually powered by volcanic energy. Just after the entrance, guests pass through the Crater Pools, which contain boiling water that changes colour as the day progresses. After night falls, lava seems to flow from the rock – an effect that’s definitely worth a closer look.


  1. The Front Lot Eiffel Towers

Cinema fans will spy one or two references on the outside of Disney Studio 1. One is an illuminated panel showing the Eiffel Tower with the quotation “We’ll always have Paris”, a reference to the classic film Casablanca. And did you know that the water tower outside, the Park’s symbol, is nicknamed the Earffel Tower?


  1. The Production Courtyard dinosaur

The biggest dinosaur on the Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic is an audio-animatronic iguanodon from the Discovery River Boats attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. It disappeared in 1998 and found a new home when Walt Disney Studios Park opened in 2002.


Toy Story Playland - World of Disneyland


  1. The Toon Studio garden

When guests visit Andy’s garden at Toy Story Playland, the little boy who played outside has gone inside because his mum has called him for tea. Buzz Lightyear is standing guard and a baby monitor lets him talk to the Green Soldiers as the toys enjoy their freedom. Soldiers are doing their parachute training at Fort Emery. Just out of his box, Slinky Dog is trying to catch his tail. RC wakes up – in the middle of doing a loop-the-loop.


  1. The Backlot rock’n’roll

Rock’n’Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith offers five music mixes – all accompanied by a special range of colours matched to the music theme. The special tracks recorded by Aerosmith for the occasion: Back in the Saddle / Dude Looks Like a Lady (green and blue), Young Lust / F.I.N.E. / Love in a Roller Coaster (pink and purple), Love in a Roller Coaster / Walk This Way (multi-coloured), Nine Lives (red) and finally Sweet Emotion (blue).


  1. The characters at Vienna House Magic Circus Paris

Three characters have lived at the Magic Circus: Miss Leila the ballerina, Blinky the clown, and Henry the elephant. They’re now off on other adventures and the mischievous little goblin Joh has taken over. Keen observers will note that the meeting room names are inspired by characters from the commedia dell’arte: Pierrot, Colombina and Harlequin.


Magic Circus characters


This year, the hotel Vienna House Magic Circus Paris celebrates its fifteenth anniversary.


STAY | Vienna House Magic Circus at Disneyland® Paris oder Vienna House Dream Castle Disneyland® Paris



I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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