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Places 2 be – Guaranteed fun for kids

Holidays with kids can be very enriching, but they need to be planned well. Strolling from one sight to the next isn’t really a child’s idea of fun. When planning your day, you should take the children’s needs into consideration. The following Places 2 Be for Kids will make travelling fun and should keep the little ones entertained:


Dive into a world beneath the waves

A world of fascination awaits below the water’s surface. Aquariums can offer us a glimpse into this colourful world – and they’re a great place for kids. Prague is home to one of the Czech Republic’s largest aquariums, including a 100,000 litre saltwater tank full of corals and sharks. A must-see is the exhibit inspired by the legend of Atlantis. More information is available here:

Kids - May 2017 - Aquarium

Back to the past

Have you ever wanted to see a real live dinosaur? In Pilsen, you can! DinoPark Pilsen has life-sized models of the famous prehistoric reptiles plus a 3D cinema where you can learn the meaning of fear. A dinosaur skeleton is waiting to be uncovered at the children’s playground – adding a whole new dimension to the usual swings, slides and sandboxes! The giants from the past welcome visitors from April through October. More information is available here:

Kids - May 2017 - Dino

© Pils Dino Bez Názvu

Little big bricks


Remember when you used to play with those colourful little bricks, creating your own fanciful buildings? Lego remains just as popular as ever. And LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort promises holiday excitement for all, especially for the little ones. More than 55 million Lego bricks have been assembled throughout the park – at Miniland, for example, which recreates some of the world’s most famous landmarks. With all the Lego models (and rollercoaster rides!), this destination promises fun and excitement for the whole family. More information is available here:

Kids - May 2017 - Lego

© LEGOLAND® Deutschland

Comic heroes become real

Want to meet Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and all their friends in person? Now that’s something many children dream about. At Disneyland® Paris, this dream can become a reality. Here you can meet and hug the life-sized figures of all the most famous comic heroes. The many exciting shows will be sure to leave you spellbound. Hop on one of the rollercoasters and try not scream – we bet you won’t be able to resist! More information is available here:

Kids - May 2017 - Disney

© Disneyland® Paris

Vienna House goes to the kids

If your kids need to be entertained this coming 1 June, the hotels of the Vienna House group are the place to be. It’s World Children’s Day, and the kids get to take over the management of the hotels. Once they’ve accomplished their tasks, they have to find the little imp Joh. He’s a kind of a troublemaker who loves playing pranks, but he’s also become our mascot.

Kids - May 2017 - Joh

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