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Pilsen has more to discover than just its world-famous beer

Did you know that Pilsen has always been associated with beer brewing?

Probably yes, but what else does the Czech Republic’s fourth-largest city have to offer? Although beer is indelibly written to the history of the city, and everyone who comes here should savour a good Pilsner from a frosty mug, there are so many more things worth discovering…




Local food for a good mood?

One of the most popular activities for tourists, but also for locals, must certainly be a visit to the farmers markets that are held every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon. In these markets full of regional products, you will find everything you could possibly wish for. At the cosy market stalls, you can get a glass of milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, or delicious crunchy homemade pastries fresh out of the oven.


The food is prepared and produced with love by genuine Czech farmers, and definitely not full of the sorts of chemicals you might find in the big supermarkets. And such a delicious, freshly baked baguette with homemade jam is an ideal snack for a day spent discovering the city.


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Pilsen, the tech city

If you’re travelling with kids, one option you should not miss out on is the Techmania Science Center. The current exhibition is dedicated to the power of the sea and underwater technology.


The interactive underwater installations promise excitement and fun for the whole family. Play at being God of the Seven Seas and create powerful waves or even a tsunami. Or try your hand at steering a boat. Though the biggest attraction has got to be the opportunity to try to escape from a sinking ship.Vienna


Cultural Pilsen

The Great Synagogue in Pilsen is the third-largest synagogue in Europe and the gothic Cathedral of St. Bartholomew on Republic Square has the tallest church spire in all of the Czech Republic.




You should also visit the unique architectural gem of the Loos Interiors, 8 apartments created by the world-famous architect Adolf Loos in the 1930s for well-off members of the local Jewish community. A guided tour will give you unique insights into the design style of the First Czechoslovak Republic and into the life of the Jewish community at the time.

Nature, anyone?

Pilsen may be a truly beautiful city, but sometimes you just feel like a getting out to nature. Then it’s time for a leisurely stroll along the Bolevec Ponds or a visit to Pilsen Zoo and Dino Park!


Kopeckeho_sady_CHAL (1)


These two parks are interconnected, and you can explore both of them with a combination ticket. A family could spend the entire day at the zoo, where you can find virtually all kinds of animals that you could think of. The kids will be sure to love the free-moving meerkats running about through the beautiful surroundings filled with all kinds of flowers. If you have any energy left over after your visit to the zoo, then the Dino Park is right next door.


After passing through the gate, you’ll find yourself in Jurassic Park, where immediately a prehistoric reptile will look you over up and down. Of course, the dinosaurs are interactive so you can learn a lot of interesting things from these prehistoric giants.




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