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Pearl of the Danube – BRATISLAVA

Bratislava, a melting pot of European peoples and traditions, is bursting at the seams with multicultural flair.

Why? Here are some convinced reasons:

©Photo by Frantisek Duris on Unsplash


..between them as the crow flies, Bratislava and Vienna are the two European capitals that are closest to each other.


FROM 1867 TO 1918..

..Slovakia, Austria and Hungary were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. During this time, Bratislava was known by three different names: Pressburg, Pozsony and Prešporok.

©Photo by Jay Dantinne on Unsplash


..Ahoy catamaran! The TwinCity connects Vienna and Bratislava via the Danube. And it does so in a record-setting 75 minutes.



..Bratislava Castle is sometimes jokingly called The Table. There even is a legend about a giant who would go up to the castle every morning, flip it over and use it to have his breakfast on.



..about the Old Town of Bratislava. A crowd favourite is Cumil, a.k.a. Man at Work, who peeks out of a manhole. If you touch his head, you’ll have good luck. Or so they say.


1.30 METERS..

..that’s the width of Europe’s narrowest house. It’s standing next to Michael’s Gate.




STAY | Vienna House Easy Bratislava 


Located directly at the airport, reachable by airport taxi service. To the city centre with large cultural offer, trendy bars and Sunday shopping.



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