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One melange to go, please!

That familiar humming sound of the coffee grinder.


That aromatic fragrance beguiling the senses. That full flavour tantalising the taste buds. A good start to a new day, to a new adventure, to the insanity of life first needs a good cup of coffee. A ritual that many of us know and love.


© Alesia Kazantceva
© Alesia Kazantceva


These days, a good cup of coffee is more than just a way to start the day halfway awake and in a halfway decent mood. A good cup of coffee is part of an entire culture of enjoyment.


This culture of enjoyment goes back a long way in Austria – and it is duly celebrated by locals and tourists alike. The coffeehouse experience is a way of life that has spread and is continuing to spread around the world.


For hipsters, fair trade coffee is a statement of sustainability. During a business meeting, coffee can help support the decision-making process – and it is just good form. Coffee helps keep tired university students from slumping over their desks during seemingly endless lectures. And when girlfriends get together to exchange the latest gossip and rumours, coffee is a delicious part of the whole scenario. In short: Coffee is more than just a drink. It is a supporter, a friend and a first responder all rolled into in one!


© Rob Laughter
© Rob Laughter


Especially in Vienna, coffee is a drink with a long tradition, a high level of quality and a coffeehouse culture all of its own that captivates countless people on a daily basis. Socialising, browsing through the day’s paper, or just letting your thoughts wander, all over a cup of flavourful coffee with a delicious slice of homemade Sachertorte, that’s what Viennese coffeehouse culture is all about. Even in Leipzig, that’s nothing unusual. Here, too, people can look back on a long coffeehouse culture with many special and unique cafés.


And soon there will be a new shining light for coffee connoisseurs in Leipzig: an honest-to-goodness Viennese coffeehouse with real Viennese coffee and authentic Austrian pastries and cakes.


© Priscilla du Preez
© Priscilla du Preez


STAY | Vienna House Easy Leipzig


The coffee of choice will be supplied by roaster Julius Meinl, the first company to sell roasted coffee in Europe 150 years ago, to treat Leipzig’s palates to an authentic taste experience. More Austrian tradition will come courtesy of Konditorei Hagmann from the Wachau region. The family-owned cake shop will supply Vienna House Easy with fresh pastries – each slice an Austrian original.


If all this talk about coffee and cake has put you in the mood, then you should book your stay at Vienna House Easy Leipzig now so you can experience the magic of Viennese flair in Leipzig as soon as possible! ?


To order your coffee as authentically as possible, here’s a list of the most important kinds – in the Austrian original, of course. ?


Melange – a single espresso and just as much steamed milk, topped off with some milk foam

Franziskaner – the same as a melange, topped with a dollop of whipped cream

Kleiner Schwarzer – also called a mokka: a single espresso

Kleiner Brauner – a mokka with a shot of milk or coffee cream on the side

Großer Brauner – a double mokka with milk or cream on the side

Verlängerter – a single espresso “extended” with the same amount of hot water


German expressions:



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