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Off to Łódź

Cracow and Warsaw are porbably the most popular cities of Poland, but Łódz´is at least as cool as these metropolises. In the middle of the 19. century, the rapid ascent of one of the most important textile center took place in this city. The history of the industrial revolution is in hardly any other town as good viewable as in Łódz´. To this very day, the former textile factories and luxuriant buildings of fabric owners characterice the image of the town.

Lodz Facts - August 2017 - 1

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But Łódz´isn’t just this historical city, but also very modern, vibrant and young with an attractive culture scene. The Piotrkowska Street is the place, where the social life happens. Here you can find a lot of cool shops, restaurants and bars. Every year, the city festival takes place in May.

The film and music scene is a big thing too. Łódz´is the Polish center of the film industry and the heartland of Techno.


Here are some more interesting facts about the third largest city of Poland:

Manchester of the East

In the mid-19th century, Łódz´ was one of the most important textile centres in the world.


The boat

The name Łódz´ translates to something like »boat«. Although the etymology is disputed. There is no clear evidence that the name is derived from the river Łódka (»little boat«).


2017 – which way to HollyŁódź

America has Hollywood, India Bollywood – and Poland? Poland has HollyŁódz´. Most of the country’s films are made here. Two of them have even won an Oscar: the short film »Tango« from 1982 and the British-Polish co-production »Peter and the Wolf« from the year 2008.


4 kilometers

At more than 4 kilometres in length, with countless shops, bars and restaurants, Piotrkowska Street is one of Europe’s longest shopping streets. And like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it is lined with the stars of famous graduates of the Łódz´ Film School.


23.78 square kilometers

23.78 square kilometers of Łódz´ is wooded.


Pure nature

Łódź is one of the greenest Polish cities with 34 parks including botanical gardens and forests.


A city of music

The Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic was founded in 1915.


Piece of mind

The Jewish Cemetery contains more than 180,000 marked graves and is one of the largest cementeries of Poland.

Lodz Facts - August 2017 - 3

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The art of fashion

Łódź hosts the biggest annual Fashion Week in Poland.

Lodz Facts - August 2017 - 2

© Łódź tourist information center


In the right place at the right time. And the right place is Manufaktura, one of Poland’s largest shopping centres – and the location of Vienna House Andel’s Lodz.

Lodz Facts - August 2017 - 4

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