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Of knights and elephants

The city of Kronberg in the Taunus is part of the Frankfurt urban region, which makes it attractive as a peripheral area anyway. The Taunus is known for its beautiful nature. But the region in which the knights already met in the Middle Ages has much more to offer than city tours or hiking trails.



Forts and castles

No visit to the Main-Taunus area without forts and castles! The region is shaped like hardly any other by the Middle Ages. Countless forts rise majestically out of the woods, beautiful castles and ruins line the rivers. Many of them are in very good condition and almost all are open to the public.

Homburg Castle dates back to the 14th century and was the summer residence of the Prussian kings and German emperors. Like the forts of Kronberg and Eppstein, it thrones on the mountains and offers a magnificent view. Schloss Biebrich, a truly artistic baroque castle, lies directly on the Rhine. A boat trip along the river is well worth it, passing numerous vineyards, romantic castles and palaces with the Taunus in the background.



Above the roofs of the city

It is visible from afar: the beautiful Kronberg Castle. On the southern slope of the Taunus, it offers one of the most beautiful views of the Rhine-Main plain. One looks over the roofs of the city, with the impressive silhouette of Frankfurt in the background. Especially from the castle tower, this is a view that no Kronberg visitor should miss. The garden and the rooms are well preserved. The museum in the castle offers an insight into the history of the house and its various landlords, as well as into the time of the Kronberg knights.

Throughout the year the castle is an impressive backdrop for various events.



Hessian time travel

Hessenpark is one of the most popular excursion destinations. History can be experienced up close in the 65 ha open-air museum. More than 100 buildings, including half-timbered houses and windmills that have been demolished elsewhere, have been reconstructed here to form a museum village and convey an impression of historical life. Traditional crafts, agriculture and medieval architecture are vividly presented in various historical permanent exhibitions. Countless shops offer locally manufactured goods – from art objects to food – for sale.

In the course of the year, the creative events also attract visitors. The Hessenpark always shows itself with loving charm at the plant market in May, the beer day or other action days, as well as at the Christmas market. The area is very extensive, so that even on very well visited days it doesn’t seem overcrowded.


Here the music plays

Kronberg is considered the world capital of the cello. The Kronberg Academy trains the elite of cello and violin music. World-famous artists make music with students. There is no question that the concerts and festivals of the Kronberg Academy offer a true experience. And not only for die-hard lovers of classical music.

In addition, concerts by the Musikverein, the Burg Kronberg Foundation and various singing societies make Kronberg a city of music. There is hardly a weekend in the year when no music performance attracts visitors to the city.



Beastly what’s going on

The Opel Zoo is located between Kronberg and Königstein on the beautiful slopes of the Vordertaunus. More than 230 animal species, including giraffes, zebras and kangaroos, live in spacious outdoor enclosures on an area of approx. 27 hectares. In the great African savannah, elephants are an absolute crowd-puller. The elephant enclosure is one of the largest in Germany. Also the offspring is very successful here. In addition to giraffes and the world’s first breeding of the white zebra, the Opel Zoo near Kronberg has succeeded in preserving the endangered Mesopotamian fallow deer.

In 2019 the building project “Panzernashörner” (tank rhinoceroses) was presented, with which further exotic animals are to be introduced.


The diversity of the region attracts families as well as hikers, those interested in history as well as those seeking relaxation. From February 2020 they will all be welcome at the new Vienna House MQ Kronberg.


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