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 Warsaw – a city that has many interesting gems. Check out our recommendations of things to see in the Polish capital. In this article, we introduced you to the first 5 attractions. Now we want to show you even more! It promises to be a tasty, sweet, cultural and post-industrial journey. We invite you to explore the second part of a subjective map of Warsaw. And at the end of the article, we have a surprise for you to download! 


27 Angorska Street, 7 miles from the Vienna House Mokotow Warsaw hotel


Deseo Patisserie & Chocolaterie is an exclusive patisserie that specializes in petits gâteaux, cakes, chocolate pralines and ice cream. Deseo is worth a visit for coffee and something sweet when you are walking around the Saska Kępa neighbourhood in the Praga-Południe district. This part of Warsaw is known for its beautiful green areas, pre-war architecture and excellent food. Located on Angorska Street, Deseo is a must-visit. Even from a distance, you can see the confectioners through the large window preparing edible works of art for their guests. Handmade, prepared from the best quality ingredients, the products look incredible, and they taste (it is possible!) even better. It is a well-known fact that chocolate improves your mood and increases your feeling of satisfaction. A visit to Deseo is a guaranteed dose of endorphins. Two more shops are located on Burakowska Street and in the Hala Gwardii food market – you can read more about this place in the first part of the article. www.deseopatisserie.com




25 Mińska Street, 9 miles from the Vienna House Mokotow Warsaw hotel


Soho Factory is a creative space located on the grounds of the former Pocisk Ammunition Factory near Ząbkowska Street, Warsaw’s most famous street on the right bank of the Vistula River. The complex has been revitalized and refreshed, but the post-industrial feel has been maintained. Currently Soho Factory houses offices, apartments, restaurants and a cultural space, and the place is filled with life 24 hours a day! When visiting Soho Factory, you should also check out the Neon Museum, one of only a few such museums in the world, and see the incredible collection of Polish light advertising created in the 20th century. Most of the collection comes from the 60s and 70s. If you feel hungry after this dose of colour, we recommend the restaurant Warszawa Wschodnia run by famous Polish chef Mateusz Gessler. This place is the quintessence of French and Polish cuisine, and its main attraction is a common table where you can watch the chef in action. It is a great spectacle, where the finale is an excellent meal. Moreover, the restaurant is open 24/7! What more could you want? 🙂 Maybe some cultural events or concerts? You will find these at Soho Factory too. You can check out all the events on their Facebook page: www.facebook/SohoFactory 



STAY | Vienna House Mokotow Warsaw


2 Koneser Square, 9.5 miles from the Vienna House Mokotow Warsaw hotel


This place is a city within a city, located in the heart of Old Praga, in a post-industrial, red brick area. Koneser is the embodiment of new urban trends! Here you can find lots of fashion shops, restaurants, art space and – definitely worth a visit – the Polish Vodka Museum. There also is a space to rest on sun loungers where you can have a chat and a coffee with other visitors 🙂 The entire complex covers an area of about 540,000 sq. ft.

When visiting Koneser Square, it is worth spending some time at the Polish Vodka Museum. Surrounded by some very interesting interiors, you will learn about the history of a drink which has been an important part of Polish culture for centuries. And at the end, you can sample the goods – of course only if you are 18 years or older. An interesting fact is that many of the buildings survived the Second World War. The factory complex was built in the neo-Gothic style. www.koneser.eu 



51 Czarnieckiego Street, 10 miles from the Vienna House Mokotow Warsaw hotel


The Prochownia Żoliborz coffeehouse is another popular place on the map of Warsaw, hidden in the very centre of Żeromski Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the district of Żoliborz. It is especially worth visiting in the summer when you can relax with your coffee in the café garden and have a rest among the greenery away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is always something going on here. In the summer: outdoor cinema, concerts or dances organized in the style of old Warsaw. In the winter: travel meetings, workshops and thematic evenings. All in the middle of a neat park, covered with old, spreading trees. Here you’ll also find one of the most interesting playgrounds for children, divided into a part for younger and older kids. www.prochowniazoliborz.com 



Between Gdańsk Bridge and Czerniaków Peninsula, 5 miles from the Vienna House Mokotow Warsaw hotel


This is one place you shouldn’t miss if you are in Warsaw in the spring or during the summer. Here Warsaw returned to its interwar tradition and decided to redevelop the epicentre of the night life by the Vistula River, one of the few wild urban rivers in Europe. The left bank of the Vistula has become a place where you can feel positive vibes and have fun all night long. Interestingly, this is the only place in Warsaw where you can drink a beer in public, sitting on the stairs going down to the river or on one of the numerous benches. Along the Vistulan Boulevards, you will also find the Copernicus Science Centre with a fascinating scientific exhibition for adults and special exhibits for the youngest visitors. If you want to stay by the sea, the sandy and surprisingly quiet Żoliborz Beach awaits at the end of the Boulevards.



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