• Food kids - July 2017 - rabbit
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Making eating fun – Creative sandwiches for kids

Parents want their kids to eat a balanced and varied diet. But unfortunately kids are very choosy when it comes to their food. They moan and whine and simply refuse to eat. Often they won’t even stick the spoon in their mouth. It’s important not to give in to their behaviour but to solve the problem creatively. Have you tried tackling the subject of eating with a more playful approach? Here are a few ideas for fun sandwiches that will be sure to make kids happy. And they taste good too!


Creativity knows no bounds

Turn a meal into an experience by serving the food in a special, more interesting way. There are no limits to what’s possible. Whether you use noodles as hair, broccoli for the eyes or, as in our example, sandwich slices as the basis for cute animal faces, the important thing is that the kids have fun when they eat.


First comes savoury, then sweet

For savoury sandwiches, anything goes as long as it tastes good. Try using vegetables playfully so they appeal to kids. Here are a koala and an owl as inspiration.



Food kids - July 2017 - koala


Food kids - July 2017 - owl

The sweet finale

The same thing goes for sweet sandwiches: let your fantasy flow. Add some fruits to give your kid a few more vitamins.



Food kids - July 2017 - rabbit


Food kids - July 2017 - bear

Vienna House looks forward to its little guests

In every Vienna House, we give kids a very warm welcome. A special package full of fun and entertaining surprises is waiting for our young guests and the restaurants serve up a selection of creative meals especially for kids.


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Bon appétit!

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