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Lenny Kravitz and Depeche Mode at the hotel

The right place to relax is crucial during the concert tour. Artists gather strength before the concert and then regenerate before the next trip. Vienna House Andel’s Lodz has been hosting celebrities almost every month during its ten-year history. We know how to make their stay comfortable.

Artists have different expectations and approaches to their surroundings, but all of them care about one thing – peace and quiet during their stay at the hotel. They want to have time for rest and gaining energy before the demanding stage performances. “Since its opening, Vienna House Andel’s Lodz has been hosting many celebrities as well as people from the world of art, culture and sport,” says Anna Olszyńska, who for the last 10 years, i.e. since the hotel’s opening, has held the position of General Manager. Among the 1.45 million guests who have stayed at the hotel so far were, among others, Sting, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Slash, The Cure or Shakira. Shakira liked the hotel so much that she extended her stay and invited her husband, FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué. Depeche Mode have been a regular guest at the hotel as well.

STAY ǀ Vienna House Andel’s Lodz

FOTO: Bartosz-Kusmierski

Secrecy above all

The hotel has introduced its own internal “protocol” related to the service of famous guests. There is always one person appointed to contact the celebrities in order to respond to their needs as quickly as possible. However, privacy and discretion are the most important factors in the relations with them. “We always focus on the safety and comfort of our guests. We never inform anybody about the fact that a celebrity is currently staying with us. We can we talk about it, with their consent, only after they leave,” says Olszyńska.

The first pancake is always spoiled

Vienna House Andel’s Lodz opened on 15 May 2009 and hosted the first famous person a few days later. It was the tenor Plácido Domingo, who was performing at the Lodz Grand Theatre. The General Manager herself attended to his stay. “He is a truly great man. Very classy and open to others,” she admits. Lenny Kravitz, who has been here twice, was also amazed by the hotel. His first stay lasted five days because he got sick and was recovering at the hotel. But it seems that he liked it, as the next time he chose Vienna House Andel’s Lodz again.

Coca-Cola from the US or tropical temperatures in the room

“Most celebrities are really normal, modest people with whom you can have a wonderful conversation and spend a great time. However, there are also those with an enormous ego,” admits Anna Olszyńska. Those who often have unusual expectations and even crave publicity. For example, one of the celebrities wanted to bring her Coca-Cola from the USA or to be provided with a tropical climate in her room. One singer wanted special bed linen, which had to be imported. Sometimes there are also unconventional culinary orders in the middle of the night.

Most celebrities, for example Justin Bieber, stay in a two-storey apartment with its own library and terrace. During his stay in Lodz, the fans would stand in front of the hotel for days, although no one officially confirmed that the superstar was at Vienna House Andel’s Lodz. “It was a sheer madness. We had to hire additional security staff to ensure our guests’ peace and safety,” admits Anna Olszyńska. These additional security measures were also needed during the stays of well-known politicians such as Israeli President Simon Perez and British Prime Minister David Cameron. “This was required by the protocol. Whatever the requirements, we always meet all the criteria,” adds Olszyńska. That is why the hotel has been so popular for the past 10 years, not only among the celebrities, but also with businessmen, businesswomen and tourists. On 30 August Vienna House Andel’s Lodz pompously celebrated its tenth anniversary. Among the over 500 guests of the gala were of course artists, singers and influencers.


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