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In the City of Statues

Bratislava is a city with many sides to it. And at least as many statues.


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A fairy tale about Bratislava? »Not necessary, the city is a fairy tale in itself,« Hans Christian Andersen once said. And he should know. After all, he’s responsible for classics like »The Ugly Duckling« or »The Princess and the Pea«. In fact: Strolling through the enchanted streets of the Slovak capital, you could be forgiven for feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland. On the one hand, because of the architectural mix of old and new. On the other hand, on account of the many mostly bronze sculptures. The statues strike poses all over town and make popular photo-ops. Like Cˇ umil, better known as Man at Work, who has been peeping out of an open manhole at an intersection in the old town since 1997.

Bratislava Tour - January 2018 - statue

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Best of Bratislava Tour

Duration: 2 hours


1 – Statue of Hans Christian Andersen

The rear of the statue contains several references to Andersen’s works.

Address: Hviezdoslavovo námestie 13


2 – Posmievačik

This figure located in a niche on the front of a house shows a little man sitting on a pot.

Address: Panská 29


3 – Victory Monument

Commemorates the liberation of the city by Soviet forces at the end of World War II.

Address: Námestie Eugena Suchoňa


4 – Čumil – Man at Work

Čumil, a.k.a. Man at Work, has been peeking out of his manhole since 1997.

Address: Rybárska brána 2


5 – The Paparazzi

With camera in hand, this statue lies in wait.

Address: Laurinská 133/1


6 – Náci Statue

Elegantly dressed in top hat and tails: Ignác Lamár, better known as Handsome Náci.

Address: Rybárska brána 1


7 – Napoleon’s Army Soldier

A Napoleonic soldier leaning coolly on a park bench.

Address: Hlavné námestie 358/7


8 – Hviezdoslav Statue

For his epic poems, Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav was honoured with a monument of his own.

Address: Hviezdoslavovo námestie


9 – The Witch Sculpture

On the way to Bratislava Castle, this witch casts her spell on passers-by.

Address: Mikulášska 17


10 – Svatopluk the Great

The Moravian ruler Svatopluk I astride his steed.

Address: Vodný vrch 2

Bratislava Tour - January 2018 - map

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