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Money can’t buy happiness. But it does get you some good ice cream. Sometimes that’s the same thing. Good thing that more and more ice cream parlours are committed to quality and tradition, elevating frozen desserts to an artform all of its own.

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© Ballabeni Icecream

The melody of the ice cream van. Reaching for the waffle cone. Licking the sweet cream off your fingers. Memories of summer and childhood. Creamy, fruity, sticky ice cream. Sinful and innocent all at once. Often, the question as to the best ice cream parlour is as hotly debated as the most explosive political issue. Which only shows that sometimes the most important things in life are the simple ones.

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© Ballabeni Icecream

But making good ice cream is more than just whipping up milk, sugar and fruit purée and chilling the whole thing below freezing. For a while there, quality was hard to find. Flavour enhancers, milk powder, thickening agents… a whole generation grew up with a cheap, mass-produced product that tasted like glue – if they were lucky. Only recently, confectioners have rediscovered their tradition. Quality is back, in a trend towards artisanship with organic and regional ingredients.

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© Goldammer Studio

At the Jessas ice cream parlour in Munich’s Glockenbachviertel, a wall graffiti of Jesus keeps watch over the specialty creations – including perhaps the best chocolate ice cream in town. No wonder: the ice cream sold here is produced by local grand master Ballabeni. After studying economics in Padua, Giorgio Ballabeni came to Munich and opened his own ice cream parlour. Together with his wife Lorella and son Alberto, the family- run business sells more than 50 different flavours that change daily. For them, ice cream is a love affair.


So, too, for Davina and Rony Utz of True&12. Davina is from Australia, her husband from Argentina. They met in Zurich, their ice cream is regional and fair. The »12« stands for the number of flavours – and it should be clear what the »True« stands for. Just wait until the ice cream melts on your tongue! With taste sensations like dates in caramel or pink peppercorn, happiness is an exquisite flavour.

Ice - August 2017 - 2

© Ballabeni Icecream


STAY & EAT | angelo by Vienna House Munich Leuchtenbergring | angelo by Vienna House Munich Westpark



Ballabeni Icecream | Theresienstraße 46, 80333 Munich

Jessas Eis | Klenzestraße 97, 80469 Munich

True & 12 | Rosenheimer Straße 14, 81669 Munich


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