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How to stay cool! Water activities in Vienna House Cities

Summertime is full of fun and excitement but when the weather gets hot, knowing where to cool down is essential.

Each city has famous attractions or hidden gems on how to keep cool during the hot summer days. Learn how to beat the heat in style!


Paddleboard or Kayak through Berlin

Did you know that Berlin has more bridges than Venice? That’s because there are so many rivers and lakes in the city, with more than 20 lakes and bathing beaches! Hop on a boat tour around the city; take a dip in the popular floating Badeschiff pool and bar area, or explore the water yourself on a paddleboard or kayak! The Griebnitzsee lake close to Berlin in Potsdam is particularly popular for stand-up paddleboarding, too.


White Water Rafting in Bratislava

The wild waters of the Cunovo are the perfect place for an epic ride down one of the best white water courses in Europe! Imagine yourself white water rafting in the same waters that one of the greatest paddlers, Slovak Olympic winner Michal Martikan trained in. Fill your day with adventure and the cooling but intense waters of the Cunovo. An instructor will be present in the raft so no previous experience is required.

Ride the Waves in Munich

One of Munich’s more unusual attractions is hidden in the Englischer Garten: on the Eisbach creek, just off the Isar River, is a ‘standing wave’ for surfers to try out their skills! It’s a great place to cool down, too, after a trip to the Haus Der Kunst art museum next door. Further up the river is the Floßlände, which is well suited for less experienced surfers. Read also in the new EXPLOREr.


Watch musical performances at Krizik’s Fountain in Prague

You may have seen the famous Krizik‘s Fountain in films, but nothing beats the cool experience of seeing it in person! First opened in 1891 for the World Exhibition in Prague, today this magical fountain is lit up by over 1300 lights, as well as the possibility of projecting films and images onto the water screen. Spectacles at this enormous landmark include classical music, ballet, film soundtracks performed live and much more!


Beat the heat in Bucharest

Head out to western Bucharest and visit Divertiland, one of the largest waterparks in all of Romania! It has fun for the whole family and it’s a great way to beat the summer heat. The park features 22 waterslides, a sand beach, perfect for lounging, a wave pool, and even a heated pool for children.


Escape the Summer Heat in Cracow

The Kryspinów Lake is a perfect place for a nice relaxing day by the water. The main sandy beach is on the edge of the lake, so cool off by renting a boat to tour the lake or try out a water bike! Be adventurous and try the lake’s water slide.

I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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