• Poland - Hello Summer Part 2 - July 2015
  • Poland - Hello Summer Part 2 - July 2015
  • Poland - Hello Summer Part 2 - July 2015
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Hello Summer, Part II: Beach Feeling on the Baltic Sea

Recreation, fun and good times – that’s a summer on the Baltic Sea. A holiday by the sea can be very restful, but it doesn’t always have to be the Mediterranean or the Indian Ocean. Often we look too far into the distance when heaven is actually so much closer to home. A holiday on the Baltic Sea offers a unique seaside atmosphere with 100% pure rest and relaxation just a two-hour drive from Berlin.

What about hiking or riding?

Life is never boring on the Baltic Sea. Away from the busy streets and hectic pace of big city life, travellers big and small will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy life, to make discoveries and to be amazed. This one-of-a-kind piece of Earth can be wonderfully explored by bike, on foot and even on horseback. Extensive hiking and biking trails lead along the coast, through the nature parks, and to quaint little villages. Here, hardcore cyclists will discover that the journey is the reward. Not for nothing is Poland’s Amber Coast one of the country’s most popular holiday destinations.

Picturesque Wolin National Park

A trip into Wolin National Park is one of the most beautiful experiences. A walk along the steep Polish coast will take you through shady beech woods to picturesque Turquoise Lake. This lake near the village of Wapnica on the island of Wolin owes its name to the almost unbelievable colour of its water. Near the little village of Lubin lies one of the region’s most popular natural outlooks, Zielonka Hill (81 m above the sea), with vast, expansive views that reach to the Świna river delta, Szczecin Lagoon and all the way to the Baltic Sea.

White sandy beaches and bicycle trip on the Baltic Coast

If you’re looking for more than just lazing about the endless beaches and enjoying the sea, you could also explore the island by bike. Discovering the region along well-maintained and well-signposted bicycle trails is the perfect way to put yourself in a holiday mood! And if that’s not enough, an all-day outing offers a wonderful change of pace from the ‘dolce far niente’ of beach life. Just board a boat from the new pier next to the Vienna House Amber Baltic Miedzyzdroje hotel, sail on over to the neighbouring island of Usedom, visit the picturesque town of Ahlbeck on the German-Polish border, and decide from there what to do next.

Poland - Hello Summer Part 2 - July 2015
Discover the Amber Coast by bike

Ready for golf?

Golfers will be looking for open space with a clear view. The Amber Baltic Golf Club, one of the country’s best-known golf courses, is especially appreciated by professionals for the welcome challenge of its many bunkers and water hazards (some of the links are practically islands). For even more golfing challenges, five additional courses are located within an hour’s drive.

Poland - Hello Summer Part 2 - July 2015
One of the Poland´s best-known golf courses

Welcome summer!

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