• DEBRVHE Happy - New Year Again - Januar 2019
  • DEBRVHE Happy - New Year Again - Januar 2019
  • DEBRVHE Happy - New Year Again - Januar 2019
  • DEBRVHE Happy - New Year Again - Januar 2019
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Happy New Year – Again!

It’s that time again: HAPPY NEW YEAR! And what goes hand in hand with a new year? Exactly: new year’s resolutions! Every year it’s the same thing: our thoughts revolve around those things that we had actually intended to take care of the year before but somehow discarded along the way. That’s when our guilty conscience rears its head to remind us of all the delicious and irresistible indulgences that put an unhappy end to our good intentions. That BBQ picnic in the summer or the Christmas market at wintertime – our weaker self is constantly setting traps for us to fall into. And let’s not forget about Grandma, who makes sure we roll home nice and plump and who even enjoys stuffing us up without feeling at all ashamed. And there really isn’t anything we can do about it – or is there?


DEBRVHE Happy - New Year Again - Januar 2019


Every year the same promise: “This time for real! I cando it! It really can’t be that difficult!” The motivation hits its peak in early January, and the plan we forged on New Year’s Eve is put into action. But at some point, our ambition quietly bids us farewell, tossing back a loving “So long! See you next year!” over its shoulder. But it doesn’t have to be so hard! Quite often the problem is that the resolution is no fun. Wait! Did someone just claim that exercise can be fun?


DEBRVHE Happy - New Year Again - Januar 2019


You heard right! Now it’s official: exercise can truly be fun (and not just because you can eat more). But the big question is: What is fun for me anyway? The motto at Vienna House Easy Braunschweig is: Just try it all. Experience shows that the first thing that comes to mind is the fitness studio: treadmill, cross-trainer, rowing machine and weights – this is the exercise of choice for muscle pumpers and endurance freaks all year round. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a breath of fresh air, a couple of laps around the lake may be the right thing to get you in top form. And, no, everybody is not watching you as you run. Whether you’re a lone wolf or a team player, the important thing is to enjoy yourself.


DEBRVHE Happy - New Year Again - Januar 2019


If jogging or the gym is too mainstreamfor you, why not rediscover a blast from the past and go back to your childhood days – with badminton, for example. On the hotel’s indoor badminton court, there aren’t any breezes that could spoil your victory during the last serve. Added bonus: every now and then Hans Werner Niesner, former German badminton league trainer and all-round super guy, occasionally comes to Braunschweig to train. If aching muscles are your thing, then you should definitely try squash. It’ll be a while until you can move normally again. In the meantime, you could bowl a round or two at the in-house bowling alley or relax with a bit of yoga. Vienna House Easy gives you so many options – just call and get started!



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