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Great Kraków, great fun!

This is a vibrant city, full of unforgettable party hot spots!


We will tell you where you can experience dancefloor madness and where to look for top-class live music. We will show you how to tune in the unique atmosphere of Kraków, and how to find the right places – for both a grand celebration and an intimate evening.




Clubbing heaven


First stop, the Frantic Club on Szewska Street, which is one of the main clubbing spots in Kraków, offering music at the highest level (many DJ celebrities performed here), four bars, a VIP room and a selected clientele. All of this comes with a minimalist design, great atmosphere and, above all, in the very heart of the city.


Prozac 2.0 on Plac Dominikański also belongs to the same clubbing tradition, and it represents an unmissable station on the party map of Kraków.  The club can bank on 600 square meters of space, which get filled with electronic sounds, and it provides a state-of-the-art sound system for at least three music scenes.


The Shine Club – located in the former Kinoteatr Uciecha, also boasts an illustrious history. Today’s guests seeking fun on the dancefloor get to enjoy a designer environment and exclusive spaces, illuminated by three thousand LED spots, with a choice of various areas – mainstream, R’n’B and VIP. The club is located on Starowiślna Street in the atmospheric Kazimierz district, which is the oldest in the city.




Walls with history and a unique atmosphere


An original interior can also be found in the Forty Kleparz music club, which is housed within the walls of 19th-century fortifications. It is located on Kamienna Street, just a few minutes from the Main Square, and it offers two bars and two dance halls, with the welcome addition of a garden with BBQ in summer.


Beautiful gardens, bars, pubs, clubs and art installations spaces can all be found at Dolne Młyny. This complex, located on the grounds of a former tobacco factory, gives you the unique impression of a city within a city: full of art, culture and design.


A one-of-a-kind atmosphere of artistic bohemia can also be felt in Alchemia, located on Estery Street – also in the former Jewish district of Kazimierz. This is a legendary place, decorated in an old-fashioned style and with quirky touches peppered around (including a passage through a wardrobe!). It offers great parties and a rich programme of concerts.


Nearby, although in a slightly different style, you should also check out Sababa, offering unusual cocktails and Middle Eastern snacks, as well as a view of the gorgeous Szeroka Street.




All that jazz!


For those who would like to spend the evening surrounded by good sounds, and especially for those who love jazz atmosphere, the Jazz Club u Muniaka is definitely worth recommending. Its domain is live music (played daily from 9:30 pm) and they can list a long tradition of star performances such as as Nigel Kennedy or Tomasz Stańko. And all of this in original, brick interiors right on the popular Floriańska Street.


Harris Piano Jazz Bar, located on the Main Square, also offers daily live music, including group musical improvisations within the jam session formula. There are three rooms in the club, which allows you not only to enjoy top sounds, but also casual and social conversations.


The Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club on Szewska Street also has a similar spirit and a long tradition of jazz concerts. Bonus points for whisky fans – in this bar, with the longest counter in the whole of Kraków, you can choose from approximately 50 types of the good stuff!


Other jazz clubs include Chicago Jazz Live Music and Jazz Club Kornet to name just a few. For both music lovers as well as for those who simply look for a good night out.




Latino vibes or cosy atmosphere?


For a fantastic Latino party, visit Teatro Cubano on Jagiellońska Street, where you will find both a relaxed atmosphere and a good selection of drinks.


Klub30 (ul. Kościuszki), which, in accordance with its name, targets guests in their thirties, throws top parties with Latino music – with the healthy splash of 70s and 80s hits, just to crank up the madness! Guests get to choose between three floors, all furnished in stylish décor.


But let’s remember that not every wonderful evening has to be associated with all-night dancing. For those who prefer a more peaceful meeting between friends (or even just a romantic coffee for two!), Kraków can spoil you with a huge range of pubs and cafes – such as Cafe Bar Magia, Massolit Café, Wesoła Cafe and many, many others.


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Kraków legends


At the end of the day, it is of course impossible to visit all of Kraków restaurants and bars, but there are a few that truly stand out and that you can’t miss. One of these is the best student club in Poland – Pod Jaszczurami. It is a legendary place, for the young and the older, where concerts and events, as well as debates and film screenings take place. The location makes a visit even worthier, as it can be found in a medieval tenement, Kamienica Pod Jaszczurką, right off the Market Square.


Bar Smok also can count on an illustrious history, since it has been known for decades as the place to go in Kraków for the best vodka (and amazing nibbles). After years of absence, the bar is back in full swing after a complete renovation, right in its original location on the ground floor of the Vienna House Andel’s Cracow hotel. It occupies a prime spot on the map (next to the railway station and the shopping centre Galeria Krakowska), and it will blow you away with its cutting-edge design and its innovative craft cocktails. Bar Smok has taken a bold step and has rewritten the rules, and it can now guarantee its guests a world-class experience.


A moment of rest


As you can see there are many ways to spend a quality social evening or get caught in the clubbing fever in Kraków. On weekends, clubs close late at night or even in the morning – but no matter how much time you spend on the countless attractions: remember to always get a few hours of sleep and a well-deserved rest! That’s why it is key to choose a quality accommodation that will grant you a comfortable and reliable stay. Oh, and if you want to truly enjoy Kraków, you simply must be based in the city centre.


STAY | Vienna House Andel’s Cracow


The Vienna House Andel’s Cracow ticks all these boxes, affording you a quick recovery of strength (and a bit of pampering) before you can once again hit the streets of marvellous Kraków and soak in its incredible aura.




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