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Fun Facts – Karlovy Vary

Charles IV lent this spa town his name. Goethe wished to live there. Good reason to take a closer look at Karlovy Vary (aka Carlsbad).

Fun Facts Karlovy Vary - March 2018 - 1

All good things come in threes

Karlovy Vary is one of the most famous and historic spa resorts in the world. Together with Franzensbad and Marienbad, the town in the western Czech Republic forms part of the so-called West Bohemian Spa Triangle.


A Spa with Tradition

The water’s healing properties have been known since the Middle Ages. Initially, use was limited to bathing. Drinking cures followed. The first written account dates to 1522.


Souvenirs can wait

The first and most important purchase in Karlovy Vary is a drinking cup, to be had at almost every corner. As part of a drinking cure, it is the most important utensil for drinking the healing waters at the twelve mineral springs.

Fun Facts Karlovy Vary - March 2018 - 2

Must Eat

In Karlovy Vary, there’s no getting around the famous spa wafers. This sweet biscuit consists of two thin wafers stuck together with a mass of sugar, almond flakes and Carlsbad mineral salts.


Vřídlo 72° C

… (English: »hot spring«) is a roofed mineral water geyser with temperatures reaching.


Roll the film

With the start of July, the Bohemian spa town rolls out the red carpet. The reason: the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, where the stars and starlets from Hollywood grace the occasion with their presence. Since 1946.

Fun Facts Karlovy Vary - March 2018 - 3

Have a nice sight

The Diana Outlook Tower stands 35 metres tall at 562 metres above sea level. Visitors are rewarded with wonderful views far across Karlovy Vary and its environs.


13th spring

… is what dyed-in-the-wool Carlsbaders call their famous, herbal liqueur Becherovka.


Chill out

The five Karlovy Vary Colonnades

  • SADOVÁ KOLONÁDA – Park Colonnade
  • MLÝNSKÁ KOLONÁDA – Mill Colonnade
  • TRŽNÍ KOLONÁDA – Market Colonnade
  • ZÁMECKÁ KOLONÁDA – Castle Colonnade
  • V Ř ÍDELNÍ KOLONÁDA – Hot Spring Colonnade


Best to Stay

Vienna House Dvořák Karlovy Vary


A bar counter with leather elements. Then a grand piano, looking exceptionally good next to the delightfully ornamented armchairs: Vienna House Dvořák is a looker, inside and out – starting and ending with the Art Nouveau façade. The same can be said for the location: exclusive. Vienna House Dvořák is situated on the river Teplá, near the drinking colonnades, i.e. right there where the springs spring forth.


I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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