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  • Wishing upon a tree
  • Kickboxing
  • A spectacular sunrise in Katowice
  • The secrets of glassblowing in Carlsbad
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#forgetmainstream: Top 10 insider tips for your next summer holiday

Summer. Sun, sand and sea, right? Well, how about getting off the beaten path this year and discovering some secret insider tips all over Europe? That usually sounds like a lot of time spent searching online. And you’ll need inside knowledge, too, which is often hard to come by. Well, we’ve got some good news for you! We got to thinking, took out the proverbial pen and paper, and made a list of all sorts of insider tips just for you. So bring on the summer!

  1. Carlsbad: The secrets of glassblowing in Carlsbad
    Watch glass blowers at work at the Moser Glassworks in the beautiful Bohemian spa town of Carlsbad. And don’t forget to stop by the glass shop on your way out. It’s worth it! From the crystal bowl to the coloured glass goblet, every piece is one of a kind.
  2. Berlin: Wishing upon a tree
    A message to the world. Not far from andel’s by Vienna House Berlin, you can share your wishes with others. The Berlin wishing tree in Volkspark Friedrichshain is definitely worth a visit. Read other people’s wishes, make your own, write it down… and hope.
  3. Paris: The café hot spot
    This is the Paris we know and love: at the café Le Loir dans la théière. Lean back and enjoy a sweet dessert or a classic French lunch. The (huge) lemon meringue pie is to die for!
  4. Landsberg: Exclusive kickboxing training
    Sport, fun & excitement. Train with kickboxing world champion Ibrahim Karakoc in the charming city of Landsberg am Lech. Whether you’re just curious, a beginning kickboxer or already advanced, this is your chance to challenge yourself.
  5. Katowice: A spectacular sunrise
    Greet the day the romantic way above the rooftops of the city. Savour the unique experience of a sunrise in Katowice from the roof of the International Conference Centre or from the winding tower above the old coal mine directly in the city – just a 5 minute-walk from angelo by Vienna House Katowice.
  6. Prague: Aquatic fun
    An oasis in the city, just 30 minutes from Wenceslas Square. Cooling water flows in many different forms through this little nature preserve – complete with a natural pool and rock formations. When the temperatures rise, young and old head for Divoká Šárka.
  7. Bratislava: Wakeboarding
    Watersports fanatics can get their adrenaline going just 10 minutes by car from Vienna House Easy Chopin Bratislava. Ever try wakeboarding? Or maybe just lean back and soak in the nature. The choice is yours – fun is guaranteed.
  8. Dornbirn: On holiday with 007
    A quantum of natural beauty and good food in Vorarlberg. Austria’s smallest state is a much sought-after backdrop for the silver screen. Discover the shooting locations for films like James Bond’s “Quantum of Solace”. A unique way to explore the beauty of the mountains and alpine villages and discover what makes these places so special.
  9. Pilsen: Bathing in beer!
    Pilsen is Bohemia’s capital of beer par excellence. But few people know that the city also offers some truly unusual spa treatments. A wellness dream for beer lovers is the Purkmistr Beer Spa in the luxurious surroundings of the Pilsen Brewery. Enjoy a cool lager as you bathe in beer.
  10. Braunschweig: Lights as art
    Braunschweig is turning on the lights from 11 June to 22 September 2016. In various public places, Lichtparcours Braunschweig 2016 will show light installations by international artists including big names from the contemporary art scene like Tobias Rehberger and Alfredo Jaar. For a special experience, check out the works from the river Oker by raft, barge or canoe – a new way of looking at art.

And now for the biggest insider tip of them all: Book now until 4 September 2016 and get 30% off the regular price at www.viennahouse.com. Don’t forget: It doesn’t always have to be the same old beach holiday by the sea J.

I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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