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In the second half of June, thousands of football fans from all over the world will come to Ekaterinburg to participate in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. We decided to show you some of the MUST-SEE FIFA places in the capital of the Urals.


Ekaterinburg is the easternmost World Cup host city. It is located almost 2,000 km east of Moscow or about 2 hours by plane.

Which matches will be held in Ekaterinburg?

Ekaterinburg will host 4 qualifying matches.

15 June, 5.00 p.m.


21 June, 8.00 p.m.


24 June, 8.00 p.m.


27 June, 7.00 p.m.



Where will the matches be held?

The most important FIFA place in Ekaterinburg is its stadium. For the duration of the 2018 World Cup, Central Stadium will be called Ekaterinburg Arena. The largest sports facility in the Ural capital is the home field of FC Ural Ekaterinburg. The stadium is located in the central part of the city, accommodates 35,000 spectators and was built in 1957. During the renovations, an effort was made to preserve the historical façade of the building from the Soviet era. Before the match, fans can admire its architecture.

Address: 5 Ulitsa Repina

Where will the fans gather?

A fan zone will open in Mayakovsky Central Park of Culture and Recreation. This is the second most important FIFA place in Ekaterinburg, capable of accommodating up to 17,000 fans, with live broadcasts of the matches, concerts with Russian stars, a huge food court and souvenirs. The fan zone will offer a real party atmosphere.

The detailed festival programme is available here

Address: 230 Ulitsa Michurina

How to get there?

For all fans, there will be free shuttles between the city centre, Ekaterinburg Arena, the fan zone, Koltsovo Airport and the city districts. Travel on the shuttles is completely free. The schedule can be found here


Where to get the fan ID?

Get a fan passport! Fan IDs are available at: 9 Ulitsa Vaynera, Passage shopping centre, 3rd floor. The office is open daily from 11.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

On the days of the matches, additional offices will open right in front of Ekaterinburg Arena.


Where to go after the match?

After the match, do you want to drink a delicious mug of beer or a glass of wine, eat a juicy burger or light salad, or maybe try some real Russian cuisine? Here are several places where you can go.


STAY | angelo by Vienna House Ekaterinburg


Nelson Sovin

Nelson Sovin is a spacious and cosy two-level bar with large windows in the heart of Ekaterinburg. The bar is a popular destination not only for experimental novelties and check-ins on the Untappd bar app, but also for Friday night parties, meetings or get-togethers with friends. The in-house brewery will delight all lovers of fine beers. A large assortment awaits.


One of the most famous restaurants in the city, all foreign visitors come here first. Troekurov is housed in a new two-story mansion appointed with pseudo-old furniture. But there also are some authentic antiques: a fireplace, an old piano, samovars and some other items. The food is traditional and served on beautiful plates. Kholodets (aspic), traditional Russian salads made according to 19th century recipes, and venison and game salads give you an authentic taste of noble Russian cuisine.

Address: 137 Ulitsa Malysheva

Pashtet Restaurant

If there is one institution in Ekaterinburg that will win over your heart, it’s the restaurant Pashtet. The establishment takes its name from its mascot, a cat named Pashtet (Russian for “pâté”). The restaurant feels more like a hospitable country home where you are in the company of good friends, despite being located in the middle of a noisy city. With colourful wallpaper, birds, lace curtains and lampshades, a Scottish cat, rocking chairs, collected literary works, porcelain figurines on the shelves and forget-me-nots on the walls, come feel the home atmosphere and enjoy good honest Russian cuisine made with love.

Address: 23 Ulitsa Tolmacheva

Pelmeni Club

This cosy café serves pelmeni and nothing but pelmeni – filled with pork and beef, cabbage, chicken, pike and lard, sweet turnips and mushrooms, cherries, apples and cinnamon, radishes and salmon – as well as several different international dumpling varieties, such as manti, pozy and ravioli with all sorts of fillings. The most expensive are Far Eastern pelmeni with cuttlefish ink. The dumplings are served in simple ceramic pans. The atmosphere is quite democratic with guests from all levels of society who rave about their love of the local speciality. You can also take the pelmeni home with you in the form of semi-finished products and, quite important, learn how to cook them in regular classes for adults and children held at the café.

Address: 2 Ulitsa Krasnoarmeyskaya


In between the matches and the food, fans can get acquainted with the city of Ekaterinburg.

Here is a short list of interesting places in the city centre:

  • Red Line – pedestrian tourist route with audio guide
  • City viewing from Vysotsky skyscraper – look down at the city from one of the highest skyscrapers in Russia and the northernmost in the world
  • Yeltsin Center – a museum of Russian history with cool local souvenirs
  • Church on the Blood – a church in honour of the Romanov family
  • Sevastyanov’s House – a mansion in the Ural Gothic style
  • Embankment of the Iset River with musical fountain and a “Stone of Love”

See you in Ekaterinburg!


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