• Ekaterinburg - Face to Face VLADIMIR FOMINYH - May 2016
  • Ekaterinburg - Face to Face VLADIMIR FOMINYH - May 2016
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Face to Face interview: Vladimir Fominyh, Assistant to Technical Director at angelo by Vienna House Ekaterinburg

With an affinity for all things technical, Vladimir’s career already spans 45 (!) years – the last 7 of which he luckily decided to spend working at angelo by Vienna House Ekaterinburg. One thing is for sure: he has a lot of stories to tell. Find out what his most memorable moment was and how he spends his free time in this interesting face to face interview with the Assistant to the Technical Director of the angelo hotel in Russia.

What is your job and which tasks does it include? Explain your job to someone who has never heard of it.

I’m the assistant, or deputy, to the Technical Director of the hotel. My responsibilities are the support of all hotel systems like ventilation, plumbing, air conditioning and heating, hot/cold water, fire alarm system, etc. – I would say almost 24/7. I am also responsible for a scheduled maintenance plan so that everything is working smoothly without any problems, even if I am not here.

Since when have you been part of the Vienna House family?

My first working day at the angelo hotel was on the 1 November 2009. So I can say that I’m something of an angelo pioneer here, which makes me really proud.

Tell us about your career path. What were the steps that led to your employment at Vienna House?

My education is based on technical and machinery processing in the metal fabrication industries. I have been working for 45 years now, 23 of them I spent in the machinery industry, starting as an assistant miller and finishing as Chief Engineering Officer. Then my career changed completely and after several hotels I joined angelo by Vienna House Ekaterinburg. Last year I even celebrated my 60th birthday here in the hotel. That was really great and an emotional moment in my life.

What do you like most about your job?

Definitely the communication with different people on a daily basis. Furthermore, I see the results of my work right away: when I’m able to assist guests and I see their happy faces and hear their words of gratitude.

Have you ever been at any other Vienna House property? If yes, what is your favorite and why? If no, where would you like to go first?

No, I haven’t. But if I get a chance, I’d like to visit the Vienna House Magic Circus or Dream Castle Hotel which are close to the Disneyland® Paris. I would love to show it to my granddaughter.

What are your hobbies and how do you spend your free time?

My hobbies are fishing and relaxing in my village, where I’m in the constant process of upgrading my house, bath-house and backyard. Besides that, I’m a Formula One racing fan. When I watch a race, I feel as if I’m there in the grand stand – that’s what I call great emotions! J

What job would you like to work in if you weren’t working in the tourism industry?

I’m really satisfied with the industry I work in. It is conservative in a good way on the one hand and very dynamic on the other hand. But my 2nd choice would be the industrial construction and civil engineering sector.

What was the most memorable experience for you in your career?

As the hotel is located at the airport, weather conditions are sometimes unpredictable and influence our hotel business. Last year on 23 April 2014 there was a heavy snowfall – snowstorm included. The airport was closed for 2 days due to the extreme weather conditions. All flights were cancelled. As you can imagine, the hotel was overbooked and overcrowded. All employees were here, no one went home. We were doing not only our daily duties, but helped each other to achieve guest satisfaction. And we succeeded. That was memorable for everybody 🙂

I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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