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Face 2 Face: Julia Pramschüfer

Julia Pramschüfer is interior designer at Vienna House. As such, she is responsible for the amazing interiors at our hotels. In her work, she exhibits a passion for the beautiful things in life. Here she tells us more about what’s special about her job:

Face2Face - February 2017 - Smile

Was there that “one” moment in which you decided to become an interior designer?

No, it was an ongoing process. But a passion for design runs in my family. My grandfather collected furniture, which gave me a sense of design. In fact, I spent my first pocket money on furnishings instead of on clothes or games.

And then there were those “wow moments” when I first discovered some exciting and personally inspirational buildings. In terms of architecture, one of my first memories is of the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. There’s just something special about the arrangement of the rooms and the way the light falls. That’s when I realised I wanted to create something you can experience.

Which piece of furniture is an absolute design classic?

Without a doubt, the Tulip Table by Eero Saarinen. That’s a round dining table with a curved metal foot and a white marble top. My father was given one by my grandfather and he later gave one to me. Unfortunately, it’s too heavy to transport, so it’s still standing at my parent’s house. But I always look forward to seeing it again.

Which project left an especially strong impression?

Emotionally, my very own first project while still at university left the strongest impression on me. My best friend’s parents had built a natural log cabin as a holiday home. And they let me design the complete interiors. That was the first time I worked on a project from start to finish – from the chopping of the trees to the debarking to the furniture assembly. Experiencing every step of the process was really very special.

What is unique about developing design concepts for hotels?

Hotels themselves are exciting. Each hotel is a separate microcosm in which the public and the private meet and so it must fulfil a lot of different demands in a small space. When developing a new concept, you let go of some of that so you can try out new things. The different experiences and needs merge into a new idea that, in a best-case scenario, makes everyone feel at home.

Just what that looks like depends on the location and on the product. In Berlin, our bundt cake lounge in the open lobby is an eyecatcher – a modern take on classical Viennese coffeehouse culture.

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What makes the Easy concept so special for you?

It’s down-to-earth and honest, in part because we take pains to be authentic. It also radiates happiness and positive energy and is always individually adapted without making things too complicated… simply easy J.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I am constantly finding inspiration everywhere. I go looking for it at trade fairs but also find it casually via Pinterest and Facebook or coincidentally while out on the town at cafés or museums. I then adapt the ideas and let them come to new life in a new context.

Face2Face - February 2017 - Summer

What advice would you give young designers on their way?

Gather practical experience, watch and learn. And just do it! That’s what it’s all about – take matters into your own hands and find the best solutions. And you should always be able to stand up for your creations.

Can you tell us a funny anecdote related to your job?

It’s really amusing when guests comment on the fantastic interiors to me, for example in the hotel lift. That always makes me laugh silently to myself. Positive experiences like that always make me happy. After all, the point is that visitors and guests enjoy the things we make.

I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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