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Europe’s healthiest cities

Surrounded by tasty temptations, a lack of routine and new experiences, we often forget to pack our health on holiday. But in an increasingly health conscious world, it occurred to us explore our options in a little more depth. So, from the healthiest foods to the cleanest air, here are some of Europe’s healthiest cities to visit in 2018.


Best for all ages: Łódź

If we could grow old in any city it would be Łódź. Home to a university which specialises in healthy ageing, Poland’s third largest city cares for its ageing population like no other. The Academy of Healthy Aging helps educate older generations to stay healthy, providing discussions and workshops around nutrition, mental and physical fitness as well as coping with signs of disease. So why should we visit? Łódź cares for all ages and its vibrant culture is brimming with fashion and the arts- something every age group can appreciate!


STAY | Vienna House Andel’s Lodz

Healthy cities - January 2018 - 1

Best for an active city break: Dornbirn

Austria’s infamous love of the Great Outdoors is not confined to its rural regions. Just five kilometres from the centre of Dornbirn lies the spectacular Rappenlochschlucht, a picturesque canyon surrounded by greenery. Head to the banks of the River Ach for a walk to the canyon so picturesque, you’ll forget you’re in a city!


STAY | Vienna House Martinspark Dornbirn  

Healthy cities - January 2018 - 3

Best for Healthy eating: Berlin

Berlin is frequently ranked among the top European cities for hosting the best quality of life. A hip cafe culture exists among its locals and travellers seem to be catching on. With healthy new eateries and alternative vegan options popping up all over Berlin, the German capital is fast becoming a Mecca for health enthusiasts around the world.


STAY | Vienna House Andel’s Berlin | Vienna House Easy Berlin

Healthy cities - January 2018 - 2

Best for wellness: Karlovy Vary

Ok, it may not strictly be a city, but this picturesque spa town pride’s itself on health too much to not include! Home to numerous thermal springs, the Czech town of Karlovy Vary’s (or Carlsbad’s) water is  said to cleanse the body, mind and soul. Put the theory to the test and sip on the town’s sulphurous waters for a wellness kick you will struggle to find anywhere else!


STAY | Vienna House Dvořák Karlovy Vary

Healthy cities - January 2018 - 4

Best for clean air: Leipzig

Leipzig is pathing the way for a healthier quality of air in Europe. After implementing a low emissions zone across two thirds of its city centre, Leipzig has dramatically reduced its pollution levels. At the end of 2017, the city had successfully reduced black carbon soot particles (thought to have cancerous effects) by 60% as well as ultra fine particles (which can travel deep into our lungs), by 70%. We can only hope other European cities learn from Leipzig and follow suit!


STAY | Vienna House Easy Leipzig, bookable now from July onwards!

Healthy cities - January 2018 - 5

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