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Goooooal! #EURO2016 – Football fever is here! An overview of the Vienna House activities for the soccer event of the year…

OK, I admit it. I’m not really what you would call a hardcore football fan. But with one of the biggest sports events of the year right at my doorstep, I’ll let myself be tempted to enjoy a fresh draft beer or two at a public screening. The atmosphere is simply unbelievable. Soccer fan or not, there’s no arguing with that! J

At Vienna House, too, (almost) everything will revolve around football from 10 June to 10 July. One thing needs to be said straight up: even serious soccer holdouts will be treated to a little surprise. More about that at the end of this post…

Wager. Bet. Thrill: In the mood for a game?
Just watching is not exciting enough? Many hotels give football fans the chance to let more than their emotions run free: from a daily bet during check-in to creative anthems to cheering on your favourite team (with a prize for the best, of course) to shooting goals of your own… everything’s possible this summer at Vienna House.

So don’t be surprised if you find green carpeting, foosball (“table football” for those of you unfamiliar with this term J) and more at Vienna House Loipersdorf, for example. Kids will get their fill of fun at andel’s by Vienna House Cracow and Vienna House Easy Chopin Cracow with handicrafts and decorating soccer balls during the games – while mummy and daddy get to enjoy a fresh beer at the cosy hotel bar. Vienna House Easy Chopin Bratislava will be digging deep into its reserves on its Facebook fan page on 9 June: Which hotel employee is a true football talent? Guess who will knock over the beer and you will win an unlimited supply of beer during the first match, Wales vs. Slovakia, on 11 June in the hotel J.

Here’s a list of our hotels where fans can have a playful good time:

Football hungry?
We guarantee that no one will go hungry. Ask for the culinary football specials during check-in – and enjoy. How about a special Euro Burger with caramelised onion rings at angelo by Vienna House Bucharest or a visit to the Euro Lounge by Thomas Henry at angelo by Vienna House Munich Westpark? Where delicious cocktails and long drinks will be served in cooperation with Thomas Henry and Pernod Ricard during halftime. Good things await when the German national team scores: that means a free beer for every bar guest at Vienna House Easy Wuppertal and Trier. “Cheers” also is the word at Vienna House Dream Castle Hotel. Here cocktail fans will get their money’s worth, with delicious liquid delicacies conjured up at the Bar Excalibur depending on the “playing” nations. Guests at the nearby Vienna House Magic Circus Hotel will have to work a bit harder for their drink: sporting their national flag or team jersey, guests will receive a free shot if their national team scores a goal. Meanwhile, Vienna House Easy Günzburg is going fully French in honour of the Euro 2016 host: French snacks will make your football evening a sweet (or “salty” J) experience. The different national flags will add some international flair, depending on who’s got the ball at the moment.

Public screening: Be there live
Goooooal! What could be better than cheering on your favourite team live? Our hotels are offering “screen time” so you don’t miss any of the excitement – or perhaps a moment of football history!

At the following hotels, you’ll be sure not to miss any (perhaps historic) soccer moments:

Not in the mood for football or #EURO2016? Show football the red card!
So you’re one of those who thinks: “Don’t you come near me with football!”? Simply show football the red card – and come to a Vienna House hotel anyway. You could choose a nice spa treatment in your room. Just have a look around your room for the “red card”. Then all you have to do is kick back, relax and enjoy. What exactly have we got in store for you? Well, that’s a surprise! Just let’s say we work together in this occasion with Clarins, Clinique, La Sultane de Saba, Pacific Direct,  Rituals and Vinoble – just to get sure that you feel 100% relaxed afterwards.
Ps.: Most important: don’t think about football… 🙂

I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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