• Munich Bike - April 2017 - Englischer Garten 2
  • Munich Bike - April 2017 - Hofgarten
  • Munich Bike - April 2017 - Isar
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Discover Munich by Bike

I’ve heard it so often and have even said so myself: “Munich is a village”. In few other big cities are the most beautiful spots so close together, so easy to reach and so full of natural highlights along the way. Munich shows off its small-town charm especially in spring, when – thanks to its many bike paths – the Bavarian capital lives up to its title of “bicycle city”. Countless trails are available to explore the city with the feeling of the wind in your face. Here are some of the most beautiful tours.

Munich Bike - April 2017 - green


The people of Munich love their Isar. With the first warm days of spring, the river becomes a second home for many locals. And everyone has their own personal favourite spot. The Isar Bike Trail is a wonderful way to explore the wild riparian landscape by bike. One of the most popular meeting places is the so-called Flaucher, a beach area that can be found cycling upstream. Tip: After a leisurely bike ride, treat yourself to a fresh, cool beer at the Zum Flaucher beer garden.

Munich Bike - April 2017 - Isar

Englischer Garten

An oasis in the middle of the big city. The English Garden is one of the world’s largest parks, especially popular among cyclists and joggers thanks to its nearly 80 km of trails. Tip: Take a break at the Monopteros Temple for some peoplewatching. Or join the locals in the beer garden at the Chinese Tower.

Munich Bike - April 2017 - Englischer Garten

Munich Bike - April 2017 - Englischer Garten 2


A fantastic atmosphere for the fitness biker as well as those who like a more leisurely outing. Munich’s Olympia Park is full of hills and trails for hours of discovery. Tip: A visit to the Tollwood Summer Festival is a must.



Grab your bike and go. All of Munich can be explored from the saddle. Tip: You don’t always have to go to the large city parks for some sun and quiet. There are lots of little green spaces and beautiful squares right in the centre of the city that can be easily reached by bike. Here’s a short list of some of the most enchanting spots: Königsplatz, Gärtnerplatz, Marienhof, Hofgarten.

Munich Bike - April 2017 - Hofgarten

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