• Around the World - Cycle for Water - August 2015
  • Around the World - Cycle for Water - August 2015
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Cycle for Water around the World and VI Hotels

How far would you cycle for water? This year two men are riding 25,000km, through 21 countries, to raise money for the charity Cycle for Water – and we’re proud to help!

Did you know that…

… 1 in 9 people lack access to safe water? Let´s follow and support the exciting progress of riders Theo Rohfritsch and Simon Valdenaire, who have just set off on a 25,000km cycle for water – all the way from France to New Zealand.

The pair were inspired by the original a 30,000km Cycle for Water ride from North to South, which raised $56,000 in 2010-12.

Have a look on the map where they are going to be soon.

Starting in Toulouse, France

Theo and Simon set off from Toulouse, France, on 27 July on their way to cross the French Alps into Italy. They’ll be continuing across this rocky terrain through Austria’s lush green landscapes, continuing north through Europe and cycling across Asia, through Kyrgyzstan on their route to cross the continent. They’ll start to head south, into the Himalayas through China, Tibet, India, Thailand and more, taking planes where necessary to reach Australia and finally, New Zealand! By the end of the trip they expect to have gone through 21 countries!

VI Hotels invited Theo and Simon to come stay at Vienna House Loipersdorf, Vienna House Easy Chopin Bratislava and andel’s by Vienna House Cracow and interviewed Theo just before the pair set off on their 1-year long adventure:

Hello Theo! Tell us a little bit about Cycle for Water and why you’ve decided to join the initiative.

Cycle for Water is a charity initiative, which works with schools and communities to spread the message of the importance of clean water for developing countries. 750 million people have no access to a clean water supply – we want to cycle to change this.

Why have you chosen to ride on bamboo bikes and have you done anything like this before?

I love the idea of cycling across the world for clean water as it is great for the environment, this project combines my interest in climate change with a passion to make a positive impact on humanitarian issues. Simon and I were at university there and we spent a weekend cycling together; it’s probably the most cycling we’ve done together ahead of Cycle for Water! We’re not professional cyclists!

I made our bespoke bamboo bikes by hand at Bamboo Bicycle Club in East London, so my bikes is as unique as the journey!

You’ll probably be staying in a wide variety of places – what type of accommodation will you look for after a long day of cycling?

We’re taking a tent with us, as well as checking into hostels where we can. So it’s quite a luxury to be able to stay at a hotel!

Our first stop at VI Hotels will be in Loipersdorf – it’ll probably be our first real hot shower for a month! We’re so pleased that we’ll have somewhere early on to relax, rest and recover and prepare for the rest of the trip – we’ll be keeping you updated!

What do you hope to achieve through Cycle for Water?

Our goal first is to make sure that we finish the trip! We’re really keen to help as many people as possible with this project!

We are working with KPMG to teach local businesses and KPMG offices we pass along the way about the UN’s Rio+20 Sustainable Development Goals. We‘ve been invited as speakers to the ‘One Young World’ 2015 world summit in Bangkok, Thailand.

Finally, how can we donate for the good cause and follow your journey?

You can stay updated with our progress and donate at cycleforwater.com, as well as right here on the VI Hotels blog, where we will be telling you how our journey to Loipersdorf, Bratislava and Cracow progresses!

Thanks Theo for the interview and good luck for your existing journey!

Getting curious? Well, let´s just say: “to be continued…”.

Frank has a passion for travel, business and all things cultural! He’s lived in Asia, worked in America and experienced many adventures around the world! Frank is just as happy to be in any city as he is being out in the wilderness of the jungle or hiking up mountains. He’s also a big green tea and coffee drinker!

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