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Poland Food & Drinks

Culinary journey through Poland

From the Baltic Sea through the lake districts, lowlands and forests to the Tatra Mountains. In Poland, there’s something for everyone. Apart from the different landscapes, these regions differ in something else: their cuisine! Fresh, fried fish at the seaside or “oscypek” in Zakopane are very famous, but what else is hidden in different parts of Poland? Let’s set off then on a real culinary journey!

KUYAVIA – Czernina (blood soup)

One of the oldest Polish soups, its most important ingredient is blood of duck, chicken or rabbit. Czernina is served with potato dumplings or home-made noodles. It has a characteristic, sweet and sour taste because of the sugar and vinegar that are added to prevent the blood from clotting. Pears or plums are also added to the soup. Czernina used to be cooked mainly for family feasts and celebrations, and it was identified with czarna polewka (black soup). In the past, it was served to young men applying for the hand of their beloved ones after the parents had rejected their proposal. Adam Mickiewicz wrote about it in a famous Polish epic poem called “Pan Tadeusz”.

Culinary Poland - August 2017 - czernina

©Smaczna Pyza ; http://smacznapyza.blogspot.com

PODLACHIA – Pierekaczewnik

Kruszyniany, just 3 km from the border with Belarus, is one of the stops on the Tatar Trail. It is worth a visit to sample the various dishes of exceptional Tatar cuisine such as Pierekaczewnik. The basis of the dish are very thin pasta sheets. It may have a sweet stuffing (for example, cottage cheese and apples) or a salty one with beef and onion. Everything is wrapped to form a roll and baked in a round baking tin. Pierekaczewnik is a Tatar holiday dish prepared at the end of Ramadan.

GREATER POLAND – Rogal Świętomarciński (St. Martin Croissant)

The baking history of Rogal Świętomarciński dates back to 1860 but gained popularity a few years later. On the occasion of St. Martin’s Day, falling on 11 November, rich people gave them to the poor. Puff pastry is filled with white poppy stuffing with addition of, for example, nuts and crumbs of sponge cake. Everything is wrapped to form a horseshoe shape and covered with icing. Absolutely mouth-watering!! 🙂

Culinary Poland - August 2017 - swietomarcinskie

©Poezja smaku ; http://www.poezja-smaku.pl/

SILESIA – Pork knuckle with ciaper kapusta (cabbage pulp)

Roasted pork knuckle has been popular in Poland for years, but you can eat it with cabbage pulp only in Silesia! Cabbage pulp is nothing but potato purée mixed with boiled and chopped sauerkraut. This dish comes from agricultural areas where there were plenty of potatoes and cabbages that were pickled by farmers’ wives.

Try Silesian cuisine at Vienna House Easy Katowice

Culinary Poland - August 2017 - golonka

LESSER POLAND – Maczanka krakowska (Cracow sop)

Burgers come from Poland! It’s true! Their history dates back to the nineteenth century. From poor students to elegant restaurants, everyone loved Cracow sop. It is now gaining in popularity, in part thanks to the food truck phenomenon. This delicious dish consists of a bread roll, a chuck steak marinated for a long time and stewed, as well as onions and sliced cucumbers. As the name suggests, the key part here is the sauce (a lot of sauce!), made of roast meat stock and red wine. I recommend that you try it during your next visit to Cracow!

Stay at Vienna House Andel’s Cracow

©Andrus Food Truck

Explore Poland. Discover interesting places and… TRY DELICIOUS DISHES!

Kasia lives her life to the fullest and leads a conscious lifestyle, following the rule: “Each minute of your life is precious”. She is also a healthy eater and passionate traveller, fond of yoga and ecology. Kasia is really into all forms of communication.

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