• Siberia - Culinary insider tips - September 2015
  • Siberia - Culinary insider tips - September 2015
  • Siberia - Culinary insider tips - September 2015
  • Siberia - Culinary insider tips - September 2015
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Culinary insider tips: West meets East at the gateway to Siberia

Ekaterinburg is one of Russia’s top business cities – currently ranking in third place after Moscow and Saint Petersburg. It is the industrial capital of Russia and was founded in 1723 in the Ural Mountains. After flying two hours and 2000 km from Moscow, tourists and businesspeople might not expect any culinary surprises from such a remote place but let’s prove them wrong…

Siberia - Culinary insider tips - September 2015
Skyline of Ekaterinburg

International flair in the heart of Russia

Ekaterinburg’s variety of restaurants, night clubs, cabarets and hookah lounges is astonishing. The most popular foreign cuisines (as in many other parts of the world) are Italian and Japanese. If you are looking for worldwide standards, you will enjoy having coffee at Starbucks or DoubleB. But of course there’s more to explore in the middle of Russia – local places like Luckmousse or Papa Carlo are the places to be for coffee and pastries. If you need some carbs and sweets, you absolutely must check out the best cupcake bakery in town – Kapkeynya. But now let’s have a look at something a little bit more traditional…

Siberia - Culinary insider tips - September 2015
Western influences

Pirogi – a local delight

The city’s center is great for walks and strolling around will not take you very long since Ekaterinburg is one of Russia’s most compact cities. And while you are on the way, you should absolutely try one of Russia’s most popular dishes – pirogi – stuffed pies that are a delicious alternative to pizza or hamburgers. They are still cooked exactly as they were in the 19th century and come with various fillings such as meat, fish, poultry or berries. Some of the best are served at the food chain Pirogovaya Stolle, which mainly uses ingredients from local farmers.

Siberia - Culinary insider tips - September 2015
Russian Pirogi

Vysotsky – dining with a view

If you wan’t to get a bird’s eye view of Ekaterinburg, the restaurantPanorama ASP on the 50th floor of the highest skyscraper in town – Vysotsky – is waiting for you. The chef from Dubai created a fantastic Japanese and European menu. By the way, before dinner you can enjoy the marvelous view of the city from a special outdoor viewing point on the 52nd floor.

Ekaterinburg’s nightlife

Looking for a fun Friday night out? James Pub is the place to be. Enjoy some excellent food (steak and fish) here and also have a nice cocktail and dance, dance, dance. After James closes, you can head right on toRosy Jane to have an early breakfast of scrambled eggs, porridges, blini (Russian traditional must eat!) or chicken broth and yogurt. If you are up for something really special, you should visit one of Ekaterinburg’s best wine rooms where an experienced sommelier will serve you a variety of fine wines and matching dishes for degustation – the perfect occasion for a romantic dinner.

That’s just a short extract from a long list of must-see places in Ekaterinburg. If you are planning to visit, just give us a short note and we will share our secret culinary routes with you. 🙂

I am your local host and happy to deliver you personally hidden secrets.

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