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BUS:STOP Krumbach – A trip around the world

Nobody likes to wait. But in Krumbach, this necessary evil is made somewhat more bearable – and even more beautiful. The bus stops here are real works of art. The unique designs draw visitors from all over the world, making this a must-go destination when travelling through the Bregenz Forest. If you take the yellow bus that leaves once every hour, you can check out all seven bus stops one after the other.

Busstop - August 2017 - 1

But what are these remarkable examples of almost urban design doing in this rather rural area?

What many people don’t know is that Vorarlberg, and above all the Bregenz Forest region, can boast an unbelievable density of unique architectural design. A collective sense for the aesthetic is firmly anchored in the minds of the local population, which, in turn, is reflected in the local design. Innovative ideas and projects are supported and sponsored without neglecting traditional craftsmanship or the use of local materials. The perfection that goes into crafting the various materials, above all wood, metal and glass, is typical for the region. Here you’ll find old and new, traditional and modern, standing side by side.

One example for the realisation of innovative design is the BUS:STOP Krumbach project initiated by the cultural association kultur krumbach. Seven architecture offices from around the world were invited to design one bus stop each. Working with partner architects from the region, local workers then turned the designs into reality. More than 200 people graciously volunteered their time for the project. It would not have been possible otherwise.

Busstop - August 2017 - 4

A bus trip around the world

Seven architects designed seven remarkable bus stops. And not one is like the other! Here is a list of the artists:

  • Bränden
    Sou Fujimoto, Japan
  • Unterkrumbach Süd
    Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu, Belgium
  • Unterkrumbach Nord
    Ensamble Studio, Spain

Busstop - August 2017 - 2

  • Zwing
    Smiljan Radic, Chile

Busstop - August 2017 - 3

  • Oberkrumbach
    Alexander Brodsky, Russia
  • Kressbad
    RintalaEggertsson Architects, Norway
  • Glatzegg
    Wang Shu, Ly Wenyu, China

If you’re the type of person who is inspired by natural and cultural landscapes, then the Bregenz Forest is the place for you. There’s so much to see!


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