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A Sport That Will Knock You Over

Bowling alleys are the perfect place in which to turn off and relax.

You know the feeling. That feeling when you rediscover something you used to love and you can’t explain how in the world you ever could have forgotten how fulfilling it is. Bowling is such a thing. And there are so many good reasons to regularly roll the ball. The game is easy to learn and it can be played competitively or for fun. Bowling is nothing short of a national sport and the perfect pastime for the whole family. Nowhere else can you switch off and unwind as good as you can at the bowling alley. And do something good for your cardiovascular health while you’re at it. For a good round of bowling, all you have to do is follow three simple rules: go slow in your approach, don’t cross the foul line, and choose a ball that isn’t too heavy for you. Ball weights are given in US pounds. The lightest balls weigh six pounds, or about two-and-a-half kilogrammes, while the heaviest put around seven kilos on the scale. Ten-pin bowling is an American invention, derived from the European version with nine pins. Because so many settlers from the »old world« preferred to spend their time bowling, gambling and drinking instead of building houses and tilling the fields, the lawmaker took rigorous action and in 1841 banned the bowling game with nine pins or less. So the clever settlers simply added a tenth pin to the game and bowling as we know it was born: with ten pins and balls with three holes for the fingers – and it was completely legal. So if we’ve put you in the mood for this fulfilling game, what are you waiting for? Go and play a round. At Vienna House Amber Baltic Miedzyzdroje, for example, at the hotel’s own in-house bowling alley.

Bowling - March 2017 - 2

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A good grip on things – The perfect throw

  1. Feet parallel, ball in the right hand, left hand underneath
  2. Step forward with the right foot – push the ball away from the body
  3. Step forward with the left foot – let the ball swing down (lowest point)
  4. Step forward with the right foot – let the ball swing all the way back (highest point)
  5. Step forward with the left foot and bend at the knee – swing the ball forward – let the ball go – the hand follows through

The perfect strike

When throwing the ball, don’t look at the pins. Focus on the second arrow from the right that is painted on the lane.

Bowling - March 2017 -1

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