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A Cocktail Trail Through Europe

Seasonal and Christmas parties are coming! So when you’re visiting cities across Europe you might want to think about ‘drinking like a local’. Here are five cocktails to consider for a celebratory drink as the year comes to an end! From bacon-flavoured Slovakian Hriato to a classic Parisian favourite.


Hriato, Bratislava – Try something unique! 

Originating in Slovakia, Hriato is perhaps the world’s only authentic bacon cocktail. Made using only honey, bacon and alcohol, this traditional drink translates as ‘warming’ and is apparently sold on the streets of Slovak cities during the festive period. Not ideal for a pre-dinner tipple – this one is pretty much a meal in itself.

STAY | Vienna House Easy Chopin Bratislava


Becherovka, Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad)  – The healthiest cocktail in the world?

Carlsbad is an Art Nouveau-styled spa town just two hours west of Prague. As the most visited spa town in the Czech Republic, it boasts 12 hot springs, 300 smaller springs and the warm water Tepla River. With all this focus on health, it’s fitting that the city’s famed drink, Becherovka is a herbal liqueur often drunk as a digestive aid! Made from a secret recipe of herbs and spices, Becherovka is usually served chilled, or mixed with tonic water to create a drink called ‘Beton’, meaning ‘concrete’ in Czech! You can taste and learn all about this famous drink at the Jan Becher Museum in Carlsbad!

STAY | Vienna House Dvořák Karlovy Vary


French 75, Paris – Classic and classy…

The French 75 cocktail celebrates its 101 year anniversary in 2016! It was first created in 1915 at the New York Bar in Paris and developed during the 1920s into the extravagant cocktail that you can enjoy in Parisian bars today. Served in a champagne flute, the cocktail is a mix of champagne, cognac or gin, lemon guice and a sugar syrup. It is named after a powerful little gun due to the high content of alcohol!

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Cocktail in the making 


Nalewki, Miedzyzdroje– A love of fruit and flower?

Pick up a little bottle of Nalewka as a souvenir from your holiday in Poland! Made of alcoholic extracts infused with fruits, spices, flowers or herbs, this strong liqueur is famed for being unusual due to the fact that it is aged! Many recipes are closely guarded secrets passed down from generation to generation and come in a variety of flavours such as apricot, cherry, ginger, walnut, plum and juniper.

STAY | Vienna House Amber Baltic Miedzyzdroje


Hugo cocktail, Berlin – Freshen up before the party…

A cocktail that’s not too heavy, but very refreshing and hydrating. Containing elderflower syrup, procecco or sparkling wine, minteral water and lots of mint leaves, this is a simple drink that’s full of flavour. It’s a favourite in Berlin and the perfect party starter!

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