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A better way to pack

Have you got a thousand things to take with you, and there’s never enough space in your suitcase? Do you keep trying to figure out how to pack your hat or shirt so that they arrive intact and don’t require immediate ironing?
Sounds familiar? Try these clever ways to pack, thanks to which everything will fit into your suitcase without any risk of damage. And then enjoy your holiday or have a stress-free business meeting.


1. First of all, reach the bottom…
…and put the heaviest items there. Always pack heavy, large and bulky things first. Place them close to the wheels, at the very bottom of your suitcase; this will keep them from sliding onto fragile objects when you put your suitcase in a vertical position. Keep in mind that a good “balancing” of your luggage will also make it easier for you to carry it. Make use of empty space. Shoes are a perfect place to store your socks, while a rolled-up belt inserted into the collar of a shirt will reinforce it and protect it from creasing, all while you gain more space.


STAY / Vienna House Andel’s Cracow


2. Smooth and simple
After unpacking your suitcase, wrinkled clothes tend to be a problem, especially since we often lack access to an iron or the time and will to iron our clothes when we’re travelling. How can you make sure that your clothes remain ready for use right out of the suitcase? It’s helpful to put your clothes in garment bags to absorb the pressure which results in creases and to place clothes made of more delicate fabrics underneath jumpers and the like.


STAY / Vienna House Mokotow Warsaw


3. Take care of your books
Books are an integral part of our inventory, especially when we go on holiday. Just like clothes, they can also get crumpled or damaged during travel.
To avoid this, all you need to do is squeeze them with a simple rubber band. This way, the covers and pages of your novels or guides will be protected from fraying.


STAY / Vienna House Amber Baltic Miedzyzdroje


4. Fragile – handle with care!
To make sure that fragile items, such as perfumes, glasses or other small items, reach their destination in good condition, always remember to wrap or store them inside other items, e.g. pieces of clothing. It’s particularly worth it to take care of gifts and electronics. If you don’t keep them in a separate hand luggage, make sure to secure any liquids located near them in your suitcase.


STAY / Vienna House Andel’s Lodz


5. That’s gonna leave a mark! What a bummer!
A bottle of wine, sauce or olive oil purchased on holiday can cause a lot of trouble if damaged. The same also applies to liquid cosmetics that are sometimes “more than happy” to leak and spill on everything around. That’s why you should pack liquids in sealed bags. Another great solution is to wrap the neck of your shampoo or balm bottle with a small piece of foil and then put on the cap.
6. In a button, on a pad
You don’t have to convince anyone that chucking loose jewellery into your luggage is not a good idea. Loose jewellery is difficult to find and prone to damage. If your suitcase has small pockets or compartments, you should absolutely make use of them. It’s also a good idea to attach such things as earrings to a button, thanks to which they won’t get lost or tangled up with other small objects. Ladies also find it troublesome to protect their face powder, which is often crumbled after the journey. Our advice is to put a cosmetic pad inside the powder compact; it will absorb any impact and reduce the risk of soiling.


STAY/ Vienna House Easy Katowice


7. Keep a cool head!
A set of hats carried during a trip seems to be a picture straight from the past centuries, but headgear (be it elegant or just beach hats) is frequently also part of our luggage. In order to avoid dents or creases, it is good to fill hats with some small clothes (e.g. underwear) and place it at the bottom or in the middle of the suitcase, under other pieces of clothing. You should also make sure that the edges of the brim do not protrude to help preserve the hat’s original shape.


STAY / Vienna House Easy Cracow


What else can be done to ensure that packing is not a nightmare? First of all, we should consider carefully what we really need. Here, as in the case of shopping, making a list will be helpful. If you are limited by the flight baggage allowance and therefore cannot take too many clothes with you, well-chosen accessories, such as light scarves, can add variety to your appearance during the journey. It is also worth to think about clothing in terms of sets – what will you wear with what and at which occasions. Avoid unnecessary and irregularly shaped boxes, pay attention to placing objects in an efficient manner. This way you can fit more into your suitcase and all your belongings will be easier to find once you open your luggage. Then you can relax or focus on your business trip, so that later you can… pack well for the return trip.

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